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Hunter Watts: Creating High-Value Investment Strategies in a Socially Conscious Era

High-level financial consultants have mastered strategies that help mitigate risks and grow capital multiple times over. One such finance consultant is Hunter Watts, the ethical finance pioneer.

Hunter is the founder and CEO of Watts Enterprises, a consulting company that provides its clients with game-changing and cutting-edge technologies and facilitates corporate financial strategy and investment. The holding company houses multiple technology and investment-based companies that offer solutions to various industries. 

The son of a fourth-generation oil family, Hunter has always had a deep thirst for knowledge and business acumen; becoming a self-made financial consultant at the ripe age of eighteen years old. Watts has a clear vision of where he wants to be and what will take him there. Today, he has built a trustworthy consultancy, which allows him to grow his wealth while also helping others experience more financial freedom.

The exponential rise into financial greatness started on year one for Hunter, raising over $3.3 million within thirty days. That would only be the beginning as the budding finance consultant would raise another $12 million in the next two years. 

Much of Hunter’s success comes through his innate talent in creative finance. He is a master at data analytics, market research, high-growth investment strategy, and capital funding pitches. Much of Hunter’s success came through the guidance of his first mentors, Jacob Berryman, and Walter King; allowing Watts the technical know-how combined with the room to think outside-the-box when approaching financial solutions.

Since 2016, Hunter Watts has built a solid base of large clients, mostly dealing with multimillion-dollar corporations. He provides advisory consultation to shareholders, board members, and executives to grow their investments effectively.

Yet Hunter maintains that his first passion is people. “My heart belongs to helping others,” shares Hunter Watts. “My drive to actively reverse oppression and persecution has fueled me to start a fire in the finance community.” He is quick to point to the bombing of Black Wall Street and the Rosewood Massacre as two events that spur his righteous anger. “What we have seen throughout modern history is an overt and violent attempt to silence, oppress, and trample people of color, starting in their wallets. I refuse to allow this to continue as the norm” says Watts. 

The senior finance and investment expert is gearing up for even more growth and more significant impact as he aims his sights towards private investment. In June 2020, Hunter partnered with Ezell Taylor and his company EDT Financial to start a private investment company to empower and enrich first-generation investors. To date, Watts has facilitated over $68 million. Joined with EDT Financial, Hunter hopes to take that even further as the tandem looks to reach $4 billion in revenue by 2025.

Hunter Watts is driven by a desire to create generational change in the world of finance, most especially those who have been systematically oppressed. He continues to champion for those who don’t have a voice by being that voice for them until they have the tools to find their own. 

Learn more about Hunter Watts and Watts Enterprises by checking out his LinkedIn account and Instagram profile.

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