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How Wasee Jewels Has Been Shifting the Status Quo of the Jewelry Industry

People are often in a rush to succeed at such a young age that they find themselves burning themselves out. However, some individuals have shown that success can be achieved regardless of age. Farah Wasi Ghatala is a fifty-year-old-woman who has proven that age is certainly no factor in reaching goals with her jewelry company, Wasee Jewels.

Farah Ghatala is a testimony of great perseverance, starting a small business at fifty years old within her home. She started her journey when she realized that there was not enough inclusivity to showcase other cultures’ beauty. Farah wanted to show the world that there was so much more to see, with the world setting the ‘western’ standard of beauty to the highest regard.

With that goal in mind, Farah started to learn how to make jewelry, picking up the craft of her own accord. She utilized her training in fine arts, animation, and advertising from the prestigious Academy of Arts University San Francisco. With an exceptional understanding of art history, Farah was able to incorporate her knowledge into her jewelry.

By 2016, she launched a website called Wasee Jewels that would attract the attention of celebrities who carried her work into music videos, movies, and even red carpet events like the Cannes Film Festival and Grammys. As her dream was finally being realized, Farah decided to go even further and shift her focus to diversities, genders, and people ostracized by the media to showcase how unconventional beauty really is. 

Wasee Jewels strives to go beyond the jewelry industry norm by bringing the marginalized into view and providing them with a platform to speak and showcase their own beauty. Farah designs each piece with culture in mind and the goal to showcase its beauty. “We strive to edge away from the eurocentric beauty norms that have dictated our lives and embrace our own ethnicities and culture,” she explained.

The company offers a dazzling inventory that consists of earrings, necklaces, and other fine gift items. While others focus on their sales, Wasee Jewels value its customers to the highest degree. Their jewelry embodies the needs and desires of people to express their individual style. Wasee Jewels helps them acquire a piece that will outlast trends and generations when they invest in designer jewelry that will never go out of style. Regardless what piece their customer is looking for, Wasee Jewels offer timeless pieces.

While the message that the company advocates already sets it apart from its competitors, Wasee Jewels is also recognized for its dedication to its craft and willingness to stand by its rules and methodology. Others have attempted to replicate their works but can never truly match the authenticity and work they put into each piece. Wasee Jewels want to tell a story with its works and try to convey it in a way that people have described as enchanting.

Despite the massive success that Wasee Jewels has seen, Farah Ghatala hopes that her company will become a household name recognizable as Chanel or Gucci. She wants her brand to compete with other companies that comply with the eurocentric beauty standard. “I see Wasee Jewels being prominent within America,” Farah shares, “And giving more to our communities as a result and empowering both men and women through our stories and jewelry.”

Learn more about Wasee Jewels by visiting their official website. You can also reach out to them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Photographs by Lan Doan, styling by Venk Modur, and jewelry by Wasee.

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