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How to increase creative imagination? TAU reveals his secret

History is a witness to the crucial role art has played in evolving the perception of people. Not only has it inspired people, but it was often even used to spark revolutions. Even in today’s time, different mediums of art are used to strike passion in our hearts. One such artist who is a role model for all is Tau

The self-taught artist who paints in oil colors creates pieces of art that are a combination of cubism, abstract, as well as impressionism. He also believes that everything he paints has the potential to inspire others since that is the sort of energy he puts into his work. Tau’s creative nature is obvious from the stage name he picked to represent his work – a name that is based on the blue star found in the Scorpio constellation. And yes, the star called Tau has a luminosity 1350 times that of the sun.

Though there are hundreds of great upcoming artists, Tau stands out from the rest, as he believes in experimentation and does not limit his ideas. Like other people, he too has experienced ups and downs in life. But instead of focusing on the negative, he uses his canvas to portray everything positive he has derived from his life experiences.

“Energetically, my paintings are meant to inspire others,” Tau reveals. “I am not a tormented artist, the pain does not control me, I am simply aware of myself, aware of my motives, aware of my personal experiences. I studied myself and learned how to channel every experience into inner strength.”

According to Tau, to become an artist, all you need is passion since your skills can be polished as long as you are willing to put in the hard work. “I believe the combination of practice and self-belief is the secret to ‘talent’,” he shares. “Everyone is born with talent, abilities, and life wisdom. As soon as you believe in yourself and your talent, you bring light to the process and invite more tools from the universe to improve the creative process,” Tau adds. This perception towards art and talent is a mark of someone who has seen it all.

Tau also believes that the concept of ‘talented people’ is an invention of humanity, and everyone can be what they want to be regardless of what society thinks of them. Hence, it is critical to change the culture instead, so the community loses the power to dictate anyone’s dreams. “When you stop listening to society, you end up practicing and improving your skills,” the cubism-abstract artist shares. “The secret to my talent is self-belief.” 

Apart from remaining positive and believing in oneself, Tau believes creativity and imagination are also essential to bring something new to the table as an artist. Unfortunately, when people underestimate the importance of creativity, they simply end up being part of the herd and focus more on imitation, rather than innovation. “The competitive nature of the art industry is grounded in this idea that there is only ‘one true way’ to make an impact with your work, which is to imitate and copy someone else’s success,” said Tau. “But this doesn’t allow for any room for creativity, imagination, or new ideas.” Tau believes artists are constantly shifting from copying what has been done before to challenging themselves with different ways of making their art. The more we are able to see the multifaceted and constantly shifting nature of art, the closer we are to appreciating the vivid abstractions that connect our personal experiences with art and artistic expressions.

Are you looking to improve your imaginative side? Well, Tau has a solution to your problems. He claims you can easily improve your imagination by reading books, watching movies, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Experiencing new cultures can also do wonders. “Visit museums and art exhibitions; once the brain sees art all the time, it generates more ideas,” Tau states. “You should also perform self-exercises in imagination. For example, I close my eyes and imagine a landscape picture and then change the background color. These practices of changing colors with eyes closed are very helpful in developing the imagination.”

He also recommends artists to change the way they experience life by choosing one day of the week to be the day when the “no” becomes a “yes” and the “yes” becomes a “no”. As soon as you turn the opportunities around, a new world will open up for you.

Last but not least, give classical music a chance. “People underestimate the importance of classical music. It calms the mind, activates the brain, and improves imagination,” he advises. “Sometimes when I have a creative block, I play familiar symphonies by Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart, and I immediately feel this small sense of peace.”

Feeling inspired already? Give Tau’s tips a shot and see your life evolve in front of you in days.

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