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How Luhanna Mostajo Scaled Her Career as a Model and Influencer

Despite becoming more progressive, a significant chunk of society still looks down on people who do not have a traditional career or profession. For example, many are under the impression that being a model and influencer is an extremely easy job that requires little to no skills and minimal effort. As such, Luhanna Mostajo aims to correct this misconception and show people that becoming a highly successful influencer is no walk in the park. 

Born in Lima, Peru, the model moved to Miami when she was only three years old. Being a carefree individual, Luhanna Mostajo has always known that she wanted to become a model and influencer ever since she was a young girl. 

As she candidly shared, “I’ve always wanted to be on my own schedule and wanted to make money remotely.” She also added, “I have seen people with large personal brands be able to make money online, travel and truly live a financially free lifestyle which inspired me.”

So in order to achieve her goals, the hardworking young woman quickly went to work and built her brand and image. Using her innate marketing skills, Luhanna Mostajo has rapidly scaled her influence. 

In just one year, she was able to grow her Instagram following from 6,000 to a whopping 335,000. The inspiring individual currently lives in Los Angeles, where she has worked with big brands such as Fashion Nova, Missy Empire, Dolls Kill, and Parade.

Aside from her incredible branding skills, what made Luhanna Mostajo stand out among the sea of aspiring influencers is her courage. The 24-year-old bravely took the plunge into entrepreneurship. She has always been a go-getter and is not afraid of trying new things. As a result, her career skyrocketed, and the model has effectively made a brand that people would recognize. On top of that, what separates her from the rest is her authenticity. The fashionista has stayed true to herself even after amassing a huge following. 

With her success, she hopes to inspire those who aspire to pursue a modelling career and aim to become social media influencers. Through passion and perseverance, the outstanding individual has created a thriving career. On top of that, her dedication to continuously improve has catapulted her to the top of the game. 

When she is not busy working, the vibrant woman loves to travel. In the future, she hopes to spend a lot of time visiting new places, tasting unique cuisines, experiencing other cultures, and going on adventures. 

Moving forward, Luhanna Mostajo aims to grow her career as a fitness and fashion influencer. In addition, she intends to elevate her reach even further and collaborate with more brands and fellow influencers. She also plans to become a real estate agent and own a few rental properties. 

But most importantly, the dynamic young woman remains committed to self-improvement, which is why she sees herself continuing to widen her horizons and venturing into new projects. To know more about Luhanna Mostajo, check out her official Instagram page.

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