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How Ian and Evan Macklin Built the Biggest Brand in Auto Sales in the Country Today

Being in the auto sales business is one of the most challenging and competitive ventures in the world of business today, and twin brothers Ian and Evan Macklin knew all too well that to succeed, they needed to work harder than the rest of their competitors. Over the past ten years, the dynamic duo became popular as two of the country’s top producing car salesmen, but their feat was not without a lot of self-sacrifice, perseverance, and discipline. 

The Macklin brothers dominated the car sales ranking of Nissan for 103 months. They stayed in the top spot all over the region for a considerable amount of time, and other auto salespeople admired them for their diligence and consistency. But, if anything, the two are best known for their dedication to success. They met challenges head-on, no matter how overwhelming they seemed at first glance. The two knew early on that everything they went through was a test of their character and commitment. They mostly attribute their current success to Andy Elliot, who they consider the greatest salesman who ever lived. 

“It was almost easy to be great. We looked around and saw most people treat this as a business. We treated it as a lifestyle. We stayed relentless, we trained every day and more on the challenging days, we were just obsessed with being the best for our customers, for our community and most of all for our family,” the Macklin brothers shared. 

Thanks to Elliot’s electrifying mentorship skills, the brothers were able to push themselves further, always pursuing excellence in everything they did. With Elliot in the picture, they were always finding ways to elevate the experience of both their clients and members of their sales team. One of the ways they realized was necessary to reach the next level was to train like athletes. 

“The only way you get there is to train. We took an approach like many of the great athletes, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan – it all came down to training and your obsession toward your craft,” they needed.

They now operate a company they call The Elliot Group, known as the largest automotive sales training company in the world today. The Macklin brothers are in charge of the dealer division and have been instrumental in the phenomenal growth of the business. 

“We have partnered with thousands of independent dealer owners, to the top groups and CEOs in the world. Most of them have been referred to us. Andy believes in “one thing results.” Our dealers have gotten such great results. We have such great and deep partnerships and believe that the most important thing a dealer can have is human capital and building their people to be the best possible. Most have reached out to us because of the waves of results we have created around the world,” the brothers revealed. 

Creating a business within a business turned out to be the best decision the Macklin brothers made to bring their auto sales business to the next level. They not only achieved skyrocketing sales but also made the company sustainable long-term. With their efforts and personal values combined, there is no doubt that the Macklin brothers are unstoppable in their pursuit of greatness. 

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