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How Dr. Parwiz Daud is Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom

Dr. Parwiz Daud
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It is no secret that business owners worldwide make many financial decisions for their companies. Whether it’s a day-to-day operational budget or hiring a professional to boost sales, they must have a ground-level understanding of their company’s finances. Hence, investing in financial literacy is very crucial to make sound decisions without relying on others’ expertise. Moreover, financial literacy is the first step toward financial freedom. But the question is how C-suite executive can improve their financial literacy. Dr. Parwiz Daud is a visionary leader who has been empowering global communities by offering leadership education and training for quite some time now.

Dr. Daud is on a mission to help people excel in their respective fields. Regarding coaching, he focuses on all aspects of a leader’s performance. He is developing a sense of self-awareness among people globally so they can recognize their unique strengths and values. Dr. Daud shared his inspiration behind training global leaders and helping global communities: “I have traveled to nearly 100 countries and delivered over 1000 lectures, talks and training in different cities worldwide. This possibility of helping people gain financial freedom and living a better life has inspired me the most to devote myself to this industry.”

Regarding network marketing, Dr. Daud believes it is the best and most effective way to expand a business and grow an organization. He stated, “With network marketing, we saw the potential that we can help many people become entrepreneurs and gain financial freedom.” And that is precisely what he is trying to do by carrying his ambitions forward with Validus. It is a network marketing company that empowers national and international communities by providing coaching, educational platforms and access to the global economy with FinTech, blockchain and innovative technologies. 

According to Dr. Daud, financial literacy is the key difference maker and provides a strong foundation for individuals to take control of their personal economy and work towards a better future. This is not all! Dr Daud welcomes ideas for potential charity projects, businesses or educational and training opportunities. Moreover, he has supported many business startups in their various aspects of management, marketing and performance. For his contributions and efforts in empowering people and guiding them to financial freedom, Dr Daud was rewarded with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019 by AIMIC. 

In addition to that, Dr. Daud is passionate about helping others. In fact, he has been traveling to different countries from a very young age, and in many parts of the world, he found that people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs. As a thought leader, he always wanted to help them. He shared his thoughts on the subject: “I strongly believe that there is a purpose to our life. While we are here, we should help one another to become successful in our lives.”

He believes in going out of his way to participating in charitable acts, building hospitals and facilitating better ways to educate the less privileged. Dr. Daud has been working passionately to make this world a better place by contributing to educational centers, helping those affected by natural calamities like earthquakes, flooding etc., youth empowerment programs, and providing free training.

Indeed Dr Daud is a leader with the talent of connecting people and companies across niches and geographical locations, utilizing their skills and resources for the greatest efficiency and impact. One thing is sure people like Dr. Parwiz Daud can transform the world with their visionary approach.

On a parting note, Dr. Daud stressed, “Achieving success in the business world allows you to be happy and content physically and spiritually. Not only will you feel proud of yourself, but the best part is that others will also benefit from that achievement. And there is nothing more satisfying than that!”

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