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How Does Temu Work? A Guide to Shopping on the Website and Temu App

Shoppers who are hearing about Temu, the hottest new ecommerce marketplace since Shein, probably have a few questions. Like, what is Temu? How does it work? And what kind of shopping experience can you expect? 

This blog post will answer all those questions, starting with the basics. 

What Is Temu? 

Temu is an ecommerce marketplace. “Ecommerce” simply means, “online store,” like Shein or Amazon. 

Now, imagine going to a department store or a market that sells hundreds of different kinds of high-quality goods: clothing, shoes, accessories, pet products, home goods, tools and home improvement, or anything a shopper can imagine. That’s the wide selection that Temu offers, but online. 

The beauty of Temu is that all these items are available for shoppers to browse with the swipe of their little finger or the click of their mouse. They can shop for every item on their holiday wish list – and everyone else’s, too – all while relaxing at home in their pajamas, if that’s what they want. 

But that’s not all that makes Temu special. They sell high quality goods at affordable prices. Customers can snag those sneakers they’ve had their eye on for up to 80% off the regular retail price. How about electronics? There are wonderful deals available for up to 90% off MSRP on Temu. 

Whatever anyone wants to shop for, they need only search for it and see what sort of deals are available on or the Temu app. 

How Does Temu Work? 

So, how is Temu able to offer customers such incredible, affordable prices for products that are top of the line in quality? 

It’s all due to the revolutionary, cost-saving way that they source their products. 

Temu’s parent company, PDD Group, leverages their direct relationships with a vast network of suppliers to source customers’ favorite products at the lowest prices. It is this Next-Generation Manufacturing technology that allows PDD Group to cut out the middlemen in a traditional supply chain and pass on the cost savings to Temu shoppers. 

Another great thing about the way that Temu works is that they are strong supporters of small businesses. They make a store page for every merchant they source from on the website and in the app. If a customer finds one they like, they can save it to make their future shopping experiences even easier. 

What Is the Temu Shopping Experience Like? 

Now it’s time to go over the shopping experience. What’s it like to search for, order, and receive purchases through the Temu app or on 

Here’s a quick step-by-step preview of a typical shopping experience with Temu (for a virtual tour, watch this preview of Temu on YouTube). 

  1. Explore 

The first step, of course, is to explore Temu’s hundreds of product categories! They’re adding thousands of new products every day, so shoppers should make sure to check back often if they don’t find what they’re looking for right away. 

  1. Place Your Order 

At checkout, Temu offers several different payment options including Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Paypal. They also work with most major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as “buy now, pay later” apps like Klarna and Afterpay. (Visit their homepage for more details on the payment methods available.) 

One thing customers won’t have to pay for (unless they need expedited shipping) is shipment. Temu offers free standard shipping on all orders and free express shipping or orders over $99. 

  1. Receive Your Shipment 

After the order arrives, customers can leave reviews for individual products and shops and rate their satisfaction with their order and their overall shopping experience. 

If the product arrives late, or if the customer decides they want to make a return, there are a couple of important things to know. 

  • If a delivery is late, customers will receive a complimentary $5 credit to use in the Temu store. This is Temu’s way of saying, “We’re sorry” for the overdue shipment. 
  • If items don’t arrive, arrive damaged, or are not as described, customers will receive a full refund under the Temu Purchase Protection Program. 
  • If a customer is not satisfied with their order, most items are eligible for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. The first return for every order is free. 

Ready to experience all that Temu has to offer? Head over to their homepage or download the Temu app in your app store today!

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