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How Crown Digital Agency Founder Abdallah Hawshar’s Passion and Perseverance Helped Him Become an Industry Authority in the Digital Marketing Space

Following one’s passion can be a long, arduous, and, at times, heartbreaking journey. As a result, so many individuals go on with their lives without finding the courage to do what they truly love. However, the global pandemic has opened up most people’s eyes to the reality that life is fleeting. It has also forced them to rethink their decisions and be braver in pursuing their dreams and goals. One inspiring personality who has finally found their niche is the founder of Crown Digital Agency, Abdallah Hawshar

The former aviation mechanic has always been passionate about building meaningful connections with others. He was also highly interested in the entrepreneurial space. As a testament to this, he studied Mass Media and Communication at the University of Balamand. After this, he went on to earn a master’s degree in Digital Marketing.

On top of that, the dedicated man continued honing and enhancing his digital marketing and social media skills throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by taking various online classes and certificates from prestigious institutions such as Google, Boston University through edX, and the Open Media Institute (OMI). 

The entrepreneur also demonstrated an admirable work ethic of hard work, perseverance, and a hunger to learn and improve. “I put my skills into practice by developing marketing strategies and managing social media pages for renowned businesses,” he proudly shared.  

Because of his unwavering commitment to his vision, Abdallah was able to scale the success of Crown Digital Agency immensely, and what was once a side hustle became a leading provider in the marketing space. In addition, the enterprise is a social media management company that has helped countless clients, including startups that lack a sizable social media presence and following.

Leveraging his unrivaled expertise, the visionary developed an intuitive program that focuses on creating tailored strategies best suited for each client’s content and marketing goals. Thoroughly explaining what his venture does, the founder said, “Crown Digital Agency conducts marketing activities not only to aid customers in developing their companies but also to find opportunities for agency growth and development, as well as to widen the agency’s workforce’s expertise and capabilities.”

When asked to offer key tips to organizations and individuals who wish to broaden their reach, the outstanding industry authority generously shared, “Humans constantly capture visual impressions, both consciously and subconsciously. The visual aspect often makes for deeper and/or longer lasting impressions than words themselves.” He added, “Make sure to collect customer reviews from your participants so that you can highlight the best ones. Providing good customer service is not only important for customer satisfaction, customer retention and additional sales, but also for attracting new customers .”

Aside from his goal of helping brands and people establish a reputable digital and social media presence, Abdallah also aims to inspire his fellow dreamers who share the same passion for marketing. The exceptional entrepreneur hopes that the massive success of his enterprise Crown Digital Agency will help motivate individuals who seek to pursue a career in digital and social media marketing but need help knowing where to start or what to look for.


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