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How Arian Eghbali Is Actively Reshaping American-Iranian Financial History

Regardless of the external forces, innovative minds will always find ways to change the world, and Arian Eghbali is certainly doing his part in ensuring that people get a brighter financial future. He is an author, entrepreneur, industrialist, investor, and media proprietor. With his contributions and notable milestones, Arian is truly one change-maker, and his mission is to impact as many lives as possible. 

Arian Eghbali is recognized for forwarding healthy and efficient financial practices that have rewritten the financial history of many individuals in the United States. With his background as the director of Nichols Import & Export, a Canadian company, Arian explored his entrepreneurial spirit and used his learnings to fuel his own business ventures. It also propelled his career to transition into the American landscape, where he effectively became a financial and media baron.

Eventually, Arian Eghbali founded TMTV in Los Angeles, California, which merged his interest in media and leadership. As a result, the network became the first Iranian media outlet with a platform for public stock trading under Global Gateway Media & Communications Inc. TMTV also had a stock ticker of GGMC in NASDAQ.

Furthermore, Arian Eghbali built another company, feeling that it was high time for him to pursue his passion of helping others reshape their lives and finances. The entrepreneur founded Enrich Financial Inc in 2010. It was the first credit repair company in North America that focused on serving the Iranian community.

Arian Eghbali knows how challenging it is for one to build and repair credit, especially for immigrants. He wanted to serve the Iranian community because he saw a gap and realized that no other credit repair company was tending to their needs. In turn, the Iranian community gave Arian a positive response for his unparalleled services and expertise. Not long after, the CEO was able to expand Enrich Financial Inc and opened more branches to serve more communities in San Jose, Irvine, Los Angeles, Encino, and Glendale.

Home to seasoned experts and professionals, Enrich Financial Inc is genuinely at the top of its game. The company has impacted countless lives and is continually creating a lasting impact on communities. 

Paying his success forward, Arian Eghbali wrote and released his book entitled Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life: Your Better Life Starts Here. The book encapsulates the trade secrets Arian has picked up throughout his career and helps readers navigate their journey to credit repair through proven-and-tested strategies.

Besides his thriving businesses, Arian Eghbali is also on top of his other ventures, which sprung from his vast array of interests. The entrepreneur is the founder of Radio Jan, built in 2017. It is the leading Armenian radio station outside Armenia and currently boasts a broad audience hooked on the station’s roster of Armenian songs. Arian is also the CEO of Iran Mehr, a weekly political newspaper in Farsi. The publication is distributed across California, Los Angeles, New York, and Texas. Finally, Arian is also an avid philanthropist and art-lover. He has sponsored many artistic events, including The 50 World Tour by Ebrahim Hamedi, a legendary Iranian singer.

Because of his works and contributions, Arian Eghbali has been featured across various platforms and has gained recognition from notable personalities and organizations, including a special recognition from former United States President Barack Obama, 44th POTUS. 

Learn more about Arian Eghbali on his website.

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