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How AI Is Changing the Onboarding and Up-Skilling of Talent: A Sit-Down with Josh Irmler, Founder of Landdai

How AI Is Changing the Onboarding and Up-Skilling of Talent: A Sit-Down with Josh Irmler, Founder of Landdai
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Generative AI is simplifying how we approach tasks that used to take hours to do. While schools, perhaps rightly so, remain concerned about how artificial intelligence will impact the quality of a student’s work, the outlook is more positive among the nation’s  workforce, whose productivity is increasing because of the technology. To understand this new trend, we dropped in to talk with Josh Irmler, the founder of Landdai and creator of its three generative AI apps that generate onboarding sessions, organizational materials, and presentation decks through the click of a button.

“We are seeing a real shift in how HR and L&D professionals do their jobs, all because generative AI is speeding up the creation of high-quality resources for onboarding and up-skilling talent,” says Irmler. “This is exciting on several levels: first, it’s just flat-out easier for them to produce engaging materials, and second, with the extra time during their day, they can either get ahead on other projects or optimize their departments.”

This is possible, he explains, because AI solves two issues commonly experienced by content developers, professional development managers, and instructional designers: creativity and design.

“In the past, you spent hours deciding on which order slides would go in, which colors would be used, and how words would be placed on the screen – and that’s if you knew what to write, which is a challenge for many people no matter how talented they are,” Irmler says. “The result was that presentations took a lot of time to make and didn’t quite click with new employees or truly communicate a company’s values. That’s all changing with Landdai’s AI program.”

Irmler, who has an extensive background in organizational development, spotted the problems and decided to use AI to solve them. To pinpoint the solution, he first collated a large amount of HR data and then consulted with top HR leaders, L&D experts, and instructional designers to train Landdai to create and deliver high-quality content. 

“We developed three apps that break the logjam and make the creation of materials flow more smoothly: our Slide Deck Presentation Generator, which creates a complete presentation after a user chooses a template and inputs their prompt; our Training Program Creator, which generates an entire session or program after a user selects an L&D template and types in a prompt; and our Landdai GPT, which enables an HR professional to receive on-demand, customized content,” he says. “With these AI tools, users can create, personalize, and present talent development resources faster and at scale.”

His engineering team is currently working on Landdai Courses, a fourth app that will create entire training courses, including assessments, interactive up-skilling exercises, immersive content, and quizzes and evaluations. The app is scheduled to be released in September.

“The big question is where generative AI will lead these industries,” Irmler speculates. “If an employee can use Landdai’s apps to drastically reduce the time it takes them to create materials, they will be free to accomplish other tasks for their companies. That’s the power of generative AI and why you are seeing it implemented at scale across America’s workforce. It really is the future of businesses here and around the globe.”

Josh Irmler is the founder of Landdai, a B2B AI SaaS in the corporate learning and development space. Landdai uses generative AI to create customized, high-quality instructional and up-skilling materials for training coordinators, elearning developers, development directors, and instructional designers. Through AI, Landdai is on a mission to help 10 million professionals accelerate their career and become more holistically successful.

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