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How Absolutely Flawless Women Enriched the Community Amidst Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis served as a make-or-break moment for leaders everywhere. Amidst the challenge, organizations like Absolutely Flawless Women by Dr. Leshell Dennis thrived immensely. Today, their story serves as a source of inspiration for companies and communities everywhere. 

Absolutely Flawless Women is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that looks to serve women from all walks of life through empowerment opportunities, coaching, and mentoring. The group is a stable provider of resources, products, and services that help the community move past life’s hurdles and achieve more or gain a fresh start. Some of the social projects of the organization include providing food, clothing, education, transportation, housing, and other emergency resources. But the cornerstone of the organization’s efforts is its weekly empowerment and professional development programs and resources that create opportunities for women everywhere. 

Absolutely Flawless Women was founded by Dr. Leshell Dennis, a certified happiness coach who has expanded community development programs in Millsboro, Delaware. To Dr. Dennis, her work at Absolutely Flawless Women is more of a ministry than a social enterprise. Today, she continues to make it her most profound mission to heal the heart’s wounds. 

Dr. Leshell Dennis is originally from Salisbury, Maryland. She struggled with drug addiction for a season of her life, which brought her life down an intense spiral downward. Later, she would enter a relationship that would eventually turn damaging to her physically and emotionally. Later, Dennis would land in prison, enter civilian life, and become homeless.

Still, her life met a massive turning point when she rediscovered a deep relationship with God in 1996. From there, she would make significant transformations with the help of her newfound faith. Eventually, Dr. Leshell would get invited to share her story and beliefs on blogs, radio shows, and various digital and offline platforms. In addition, she began traveling extensively to profess her faith to people around the East Coast area and beyond.

Today, Dr. Leshell serves as the director and founder of Absolutely Flawless Women. She seeks to help other women who struggle just as she had in the past through her ministry. “We aim for the success of our new rehabilitation services to help empower people’s lives,” shares the non-profit’s website. “We envision helping others plan for a better tomorrow, as they face life trials as women or young ladies.” 

Absolutely Flawless Women’s philanthropic work has become a pivotal presence in the Delaware area amidst the loss and struggle caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, Dr. Leshell and her team have worked tirelessly to mount feeding programs, wellness training programs, mental health awareness clinics, mentoring programs and many more. Amidst these trying times, Dr. Leshell hopes that they can continue supporting more women and girls who struggle with poverty, lack of education, abusive relationships, drug problems, and so on.

In the coming years, Absolutely Flawless Women plans to ramp up its efforts and expand to other areas of the region. Dr. Leshell Dennis continues to use her platform to inspire hope in others. She is currently promoting her book, “Get Out: The Spiritual Empowerment Manual to Becoming Free from Demonic Attachments and Curses,” which is available on Amazon.Learn more about Dr. Leshell and Absolutely Flawless Women by visiting their website.

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