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Dangerous Dinosaurs Eradicates Barriers to Entry in the NFT Space to Welcome Interested Beginners

While it is undeniably a welcome development that barriers to entry have been broken, particularly by the emergence of technological advancements, it is also inarguable that the growing accessibility of a wide variety of industries has intensified the competitiveness of every trade. This increasing saturation has made it difficult for countless aspirants to emerge triumphantly in their chosen fields. As a result, anyone wishing to secure a coveted spot at the summit of any field has to double their efforts and ensure that they are armed with a competitive edge. In the face of this considerable challenge, Dangerous Dinosaurs has managed to distinguish itself from a plethora of other NFT projects from the get-go, thanks to its distinctive artistry and unique approach.

For this emerging entity, the decision to carve a path towards the forefront of a fast-growing industry came easy. Although the road to the summits was rarely smooth, the team behind Dangerous Dinosaurs knew its competitive edge early on, which was proven to be vital in the pursuit of success. Highly fueled to distinguish itself apart from other industry players, it then took the necessary steps that would bring itself closer to the materialization of its vision.

At the core of Dangerous Dinosaurs lies the desire to offer mint owners NFTs that boasts uniqueness and exclusivity. With the growing accessibility and ever-evolving nature of cryptocurrency, the biggest challenges that NFT projects face are how they stand out among a plethora of equally competent industry players and what they can offer to the community. Thus, Dangerous Dinosaurs has created Dinos that are ultimately rare, with attributes that are handcrafted to guarantee their uniqueness in the market. Intimately aware of the trade’s increasingly competitive atmosphere, the team behind Dangerous Dinosaurs provides NFTs that not only demonstrate an artistic edge but also prove to create more value to mint owners worldwide.

“The primary characteristic that separates our art from its competition is that it is limited and unique,” shared the project’s spokesperson. With an exceptional selection of only 500 NFTs available for mint, each Dangerous Dinosaur guarantees value over time, delivering long-term success to owners. On top of that, the original mint price for each NFT is 0.05 ETH or $185, making it one of the most affordable tokens across the space. This will encourage beginners to delve into the world of cryptocurrency as there is a lower risk of loss of investment compared to those usually pegged at $500 a mint.

“Because cryptocurrency has been dubbed as the future of industries across the world, we aim to provide a platform that welcomes beginners from all walks of life,” explained its spokesperson.

Backed by a vision that continues to expand over time, it is clear that this is only the project’s beginning. As it continues to reach impressive heights, it hopes to revolutionize the space by bringing in more individuals who are new to the scene. In this way, the world of NFTs will expand continuously in the years to come.

To know more about Dangerous Dinosaurs, you may visit Twitter or Instagram accounts. You may also join the Discord community for more details.

Phat Pandaz Bring Value to the Digital Community

The cannabis industry has fostered an entrepreneurial community that is always ready for a good time. Phat Pandaz NFT brings a community-driven approach designed to build something of value for the cannabis, crypto, and NFT crowd.

With huge growth potential, digital art collectors are constantly looking forward to the utility when investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In an ever-competitive and constantly evolving metaverse and crypto industry, hundreds and thousands of new entrants continue to emerge. With Phat Pandaz, the objective is simple, and so far, the community has proven itself as credible enough for every possible stakeholder to benefit.

Relying on the expertise of founders Robert and Katrina McKinley, the Phat Pandaz project will grant its holders instant access to various perks, including the premium PandaVerse Discord, a safe zone for Pandaz to exchange ideas on cannabis and non-cannabis topics

Out of the 9,898 tokens from the collection, 22 Platinum Pandaz will be revealed, two of which belong to Robert and Katrina, to celebrate their contributions to the project.  Platinum Pandaz holders will be able to claim virtual Seedz on the first of every month, starting on March 1st, 2022. Seedz are virtual assets that can be used in a few ways:

» Redeem for real Seedz (partnership with

» Burn (virtually) in exchange for a Red or Trash Pandaz (higher-value, far more exclusive NFTs)

“The first 25 people to achieve Trash Pandaz status will work directly with our team to build out their custom NFT. They’ll also receive a custom 18×24 printed with archival ink on museum-quality paper—signed, framed, and shipped to their doorstep,” shared the creators. 

The Phat Pandaz artwork is a product of the effort of digital artists MCMXCI and Austin Reed, who combined their decade-long experiences in the field to create an innovative design that is set to revolutionize NFT space for years ahead. 

To learn more about Phat Pandaz, utility, roadmap, and its community, please visit the links below:

Official Website –

Discord –

Twitter –

Instagram –

How Absolutely Flawless Women Enriched the Community Amidst Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis served as a make-or-break moment for leaders everywhere. Amidst the challenge, organizations like Absolutely Flawless Women by Dr. Leshell Dennis thrived immensely. Today, their story serves as a source of inspiration for companies and communities everywhere. 

Absolutely Flawless Women is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that looks to serve women from all walks of life through empowerment opportunities, coaching, and mentoring. The group is a stable provider of resources, products, and services that help the community move past life’s hurdles and achieve more or gain a fresh start. Some of the social projects of the organization include providing food, clothing, education, transportation, housing, and other emergency resources. But the cornerstone of the organization’s efforts is its weekly empowerment and professional development programs and resources that create opportunities for women everywhere. 

Absolutely Flawless Women was founded by Dr. Leshell Dennis, a certified happiness coach who has expanded community development programs in Millsboro, Delaware. To Dr. Dennis, her work at Absolutely Flawless Women is more of a ministry than a social enterprise. Today, she continues to make it her most profound mission to heal the heart’s wounds. 

Dr. Leshell Dennis is originally from Salisbury, Maryland. She struggled with drug addiction for a season of her life, which brought her life down an intense spiral downward. Later, she would enter a relationship that would eventually turn damaging to her physically and emotionally. Later, Dennis would land in prison, enter civilian life, and become homeless.

Still, her life met a massive turning point when she rediscovered a deep relationship with God in 1996. From there, she would make significant transformations with the help of her newfound faith. Eventually, Dr. Leshell would get invited to share her story and beliefs on blogs, radio shows, and various digital and offline platforms. In addition, she began traveling extensively to profess her faith to people around the East Coast area and beyond.

Today, Dr. Leshell serves as the director and founder of Absolutely Flawless Women. She seeks to help other women who struggle just as she had in the past through her ministry. “We aim for the success of our new rehabilitation services to help empower people’s lives,” shares the non-profit’s website. “We envision helping others plan for a better tomorrow, as they face life trials as women or young ladies.” 

Absolutely Flawless Women’s philanthropic work has become a pivotal presence in the Delaware area amidst the loss and struggle caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, Dr. Leshell and her team have worked tirelessly to mount feeding programs, wellness training programs, mental health awareness clinics, mentoring programs and many more. Amidst these trying times, Dr. Leshell hopes that they can continue supporting more women and girls who struggle with poverty, lack of education, abusive relationships, drug problems, and so on.

In the coming years, Absolutely Flawless Women plans to ramp up its efforts and expand to other areas of the region. Dr. Leshell Dennis continues to use her platform to inspire hope in others. She is currently promoting her book, “Get Out: The Spiritual Empowerment Manual to Becoming Free from Demonic Attachments and Curses,” which is available on Amazon.Learn more about Dr. Leshell and Absolutely Flawless Women by visiting their website.

The Driver Ape Racing Club Races to the Top with High Utility NFTs

The turn of the decade saw a meteoric rise in digital cryptocurrencies. In early 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have quickly taken over the trend, stirring up the digital market with their distinctive flair. Since then, many creators have launched their NFT projects showcasing their art to the world. One company joining the trend is The Driver Ape Racing Club, launching an NFT token for crypto enthusiasts and car race lovers.

The Driver Ape Racing Club (DARC) is a unique collection of the world’s first High Utility NFT that gives its holder access to the most prestigious car races in the metaverse and the physical world. With a unique backstory that begins on a distant planet named “Silver Lightning,” located a few light-years from Earth, citizens of this alien planet are acclaimed for their wild car races, festivals, and large population. They are so technologically advanced that they harness the power of lightning bolts for energy. However, like all technologically advanced civilizations, the planet started experiencing an energy crisis that thoroughly devastated its ecosystem. 

On the brink of extinction, these extraterrestrial apes fight for their survival and send the last 7,777 apes to receive the power of the silver lightning to Earth where they can participate and win money in car races by day and capture Earth’s lightning bolts by night to develop their home planet and give hope to its inhabitants. Each of the 7,777 available NFT tokens is randomly generated, ensuring that no two tokens are alike. 

Aside from being the proud owner of the fantastic digital artwork hosted on blockchain technology, with proof of digital ownership, once minted, collectors can enjoy the perks of being the holder of DARC NFT. Some of the perks include winning a custom helmet, joining a karting tournament, gaining access to the world’s most prestigious racing competitions, and participating in the metaverse’s first-ever digital car race.

Inspired by the hit movie Planet of Apes and the clothing brand Bape, The Driver Ape Racing Club is more than just another collection of NFT Apes. It reconciles the physical world and the metaverse. The brilliant team behind the innovative token has partnered with ten of the most prominent car groups and car influencers worldwide to ensure that holders enjoy exclusive rights and values for the tokens. “We are very confident and comfortable to have Apes and know that we are going to be a game-changer for the Solana Blockchain,” they shared. 

Although the project’s launch date is yet to be determined, the team has initiated the race by inviting interested individuals into their official Discord server. Once the server hits 20,000 people, members will stand a chance to receive highly-desired VIP access and a right to join the official pre-sale. Pre-sale dates are subject to change, but the team regularly posts updates on their social media platforms. To learn more about The Driver Ape Racing Club, visit the official website. You can also check out the team’s Instagram and Twitter for updates or join the Discord channel for announcements.

SurfPunk’s Rad Surfer Dudes Are Riding That NFT Wave to the Moon

NFTs have taken the world by storm ever since several of these digital possessions have sold for millions of dollars on the market, all while sparking debate within the digital community for the legitimacy of these unique resources. Although met with different conjectures, the NFT market continues to thrive under constant pressure from skeptics and enthusiasts.

For the most part, NFTs are cryptographically-secured tokens with their history of ownership, and current owners are stored on a given blockchain. Through its marketing style, creators of NFTs are cutting out pesky intermediaries, making the most out of their work. So naturally, NFTs are non-fungible tokens with unique characteristics, each valued at different price points. Currently, the NFT market has taken a variety of digital assets that come in the form of art and digital collectibles, gaming, and digital identities and spaces. The market itself has grown considerably huge throughout the years, but it is still being explored by certain brands, at the same time adding their twists and agendas, just like what SurfPunks intend to do.

The brand’s founders came up with the idea of SurfPunks after getting wind of how huge the digital market is getting because of NFTs. Aspiring to get their objectives across, they eventually released a collection of 500 radical surfers, creatures, and legends that have been carefully hand-drawn by talented artists. Each SurfPunk NFT is distinct and has its own background story and personality. In addition to the roster, several iconic SurfPunks highly resemble some of the most iconic figures of society, and most of all, the surfing world.

A SurfPunk NFT is blessed with different attributes of varying rarities. Depending on certain factors like the scarcity of attributes and aesthetic and subjective preferences of investors and collectors, certain SurfPunks are considered rarer than others and, therefore, more valuable.

Anyone can purchase a SurfPunk NFT. Although the first 500 have been sold out on the website, these cool NFTs are still available for minting at OpenSea. By owning a SurfPunk, holders are granted unlimited access to the exclusive community where they can interact with other surf enthusiasts, wave pools around the world, fantastic events, and more. In addition, SurfPunk’s community DAO allows holders to have a voice of their own when discussing the brand’s future projects. 

The first exclusive event for SurfPunks holders will be held in Waco, Texas, on March 21st at the BSR WavePool and Resort. It will be a day full of surfing on the man-made wave pool, live music by a special guest, food, and NFT chat. Holders will also have a chance to meet some of their favorite surfers and icons.

In addition to being a tight-knit community of surfers and NFT collectors, SurfPunk is also big on doing philanthropic work, with 10% of its tax from buyers being distributed to several charity foundations, besides the community DAO and the corporate reserve for operations and marketing initiatives. Additionally, 1% of all SurfPunk sales are paid out to the Mauli Ola Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals with genetic diseases by introducing surfing and ocean-based activities as natural therapies.

There’s also a second collection of SurfPunks in the works. This collection will prepare SurfPunks to live in the metaverse and will provide much more utility in the digital space. They are also gearing up for big partnerships.

Learn about SurfPunk and its projects through its website, Instagram, and Twitter.