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Holy Culture Radio’s Da Fixx Morning Show Making Headlines by Winning Kingdom Choice Award

The hip-hop genre has undergone a major transformation since its inception in the 1970s. What was once a niche style of music primarily enjoyed by African-American inner-city youth has become a mainstream force to be reckoned with. While people of all races and backgrounds have embraced the genre, Christian hip-hop has recently gained popularity.

Also known as “holy hip-hop,” this sub-genre of rap music is characterized by its positive, uplifting message and focus on faith, God, and spirituality. Christian hip-hop artists often use their music to spread their faith and share their testimony, and many have found success in the mainstream music industry. As the world becomes more and more secular, people are looking for ways to keep their faith alive and relevant. Holy Culture Radio (HCR), an edutainment channel, is successfully paving its way to promote holy hip hop.

James Rosseau, Sr. (known by many as Trig) leads Holy Culture Radio intending to solidify one’s faith. Since its inception in 2003, Holy Culture has been on a mission to educate and entertain the community through hip-hop music and conversation. Holy Culture Radio is owned and operated by The Corelink Solution, a
non-profit organization founded by Rosseau.

One of the shows on Holy Culture Radio is Da Fixx Morning Radio Show. This show is best known for its unique way of exposing the culture to positive but relevant music, making Jesus Christ the center of its message. The show keeps in view its music selection and #realtalk topics. The show also spends considerable time with artists to display their stories well-mannered during talk show conversations.

On October 21, 2022, Holy Culture Radio’s Dice Gamble and DJ Focus attended the Kingdom Choice Awards 2022 in New York City to participate in the event and do what Da Fixx Morning Radio Show is best at.

Rosseau, in an interview, said, “While they knew they were nominated, let’s just say they were caught up in their work and taken a bit by surprise when their names were called as the winners of Best Podcast/Radio Show.” He further added, “This marks their second award for the year, as they won a Stellar Award earlier this year.”

Holy Culture’s website currently features podcasts, videos, and event news and has a one-stop store. Quite recently, in 2022, Holy Culture partnered with SiriusXM to further expand its reach. The partnership opened doors to more listeners and followers. This partnership gave a golden opportunity to Da Fixx Morning Radio Show to interview more than 100 artists and industry influencers, including Brea Miles, Jay Williams, Pristavia, 1KPSon, Mahogany Jones, Wande, Scootie Wop, Myammee, Tedashii, HeeSun Lee, Sammy Praise, Lecrae, Agape Music Group, Porsha Love and many others.

Holy Culture Radio has become a go-to destination for listeners looking for an alternative to mainstream radio. The station’s programming includes faith-based hip-hop music, talk shows, interviews, and more, all focusing on uplifting and empowering. In addition, it’s a full-time edutainment channel that introduces upcoming artists to the audience and discusses Faith, Art, Vocation, and Education (FAVE). The channel features four daily shows and ten on the weekends.

The channel currently features shows like The Christ Revolution Music, hosted by Bryant Tabb; Old School Sounds, hosted by DJ D-Lite; Straight Ministry Heat Mix, hosted by DJ I Rock Jesus; The Underground Gospel Hip-Hop Show, hosted by Jay Williams; The DJ Wade-O Radio Show, hosted by DJ Wade-O; as well as music mix shows at various times of the day. It also features talk shows like K.I.N.G Talks, Da Fixx Radio Show, and Church on the Block.

The diverse program includes:

  • The DJ Wade-O Radio Show is hosted by all-time famous DJ Wade-O, well-known for his spinning skills and insightful interviews with artists, leaders, and pastors within the Christian hip-hop community.
  • DJ D-Lite hosts Old School Sounds that make the listeners return to the genre’s beginning.
  • I.N.G. Talks carrying out open discussions on life to create an environment for effective communication and an atmosphere of understanding and compassion.
  • Jay Williams hosts The Underground Gospel Hip-Hop Show to launch faith-based indie artists. This personifies the motion of having a great time while attracting many listeners with its meaningful messages.
  • Da Fixx Morning Radio Show, the winner of The Stellar Awards and Kingdom Choice Award.
  • Church on the Block, where Pastor Phil Jackson, DJ Ruckus, and Pastah J engage in all-encompassing hip-hop and street culture discussions. They also talk about how the church can deliver hope to its followers.

In addition to the regular programming, Holy Culture Radio will also be home to several special events and projects. These will include live music events, conferences, and other opportunities for the community to come together and learn.





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