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Hitta Castro Goes All-Out in Establishing His Name and Artistry in the Music Industry

A significant number of go-getters currently occupying a spot at the forefront of their industry have always known their end-goal from the get-go. While it took for others to be exposed to a realm of possibilities for them to realize what they want to pursue, some have already discovered their passion at a young age. Hitta Castro, a rising name within the music scene, has long held a deep-seated love for the craft, and although life took him to various directors, the path this acclaimed artist eventually followed guided him toward the highly competitive music industry.

Born in Massachusetts and raised in San Diego and Orlando, Hitta Castro grew up in a family with an affinity toward beats and rhythms. As a child, he demonstrated a palpable interest in music and can often be found playing around with lyrics. At the age of 12, this passion-fueled figure started rapping, and even then, he was deeply aware that he would like to grace stages and dominate the charts one day. Despite engaging in other endeavors, particularly in boxing, the rapper continued to cling to the vision of reaching millions of people through his music. 

Hitta Castro was cognizant of the financial, emotional, physical, and personal investment required in taking center stage as an artist among a sea of talented aspirants. Armed with this understanding, he poured his heart into materializing his dreams at nineteen. Today, he is rising through the ranks as a multi-faceted personality with so much to bring to the table. 

Known for his impressive arsenal of skills, the Massachusetts-based musician takes pride in his versatility and distinctive artistry. He has managed to capture the interest of countless listeners, thanks to his top-notch discography, which includes the mixtapes “Blowin Out Ya speakers Vol. 1” and “Beast On The Beats.” In 2013, Hitta Castro released his first album titled “I am S.A.M,” and the compilation propelled him to greater heights within the industry, allowing him to stand out and prove that he is a must-watch force. 

The self-starter, who has ventured into acting as well and was featured in the movie “Change of Plans,” is also making an impact as an entrepreneur. Currently, his catalog ranges, from creating music in various genres and working with several notable artists to acting, and owning a business. During the outbreak of the pandemic, he did not let COVID-19 stop his momentum, going all-out even in the face of the challenges caused by the global health crises. Together with his team, Hitta Castro navigated the tumultuous times, making strategic moves with the intention to get to the top. 

An exciting line of upcoming masterpieces can be expected from the emerging powerhouse. Under the guidance of the renowned director Jay Golde, he has finished filming his music video for “Spazz Session,” a single that is scheduled for release this year and one of the tracks on his fifth studio album, “Abdullah Hamadah.” Apart from this, he is set to travel to Kuwait once COVID no longer poses a threat to perform the song “5 AM in Kuwait,” which is the result of a collaboration between Hitta Castro and the Middle East-based artist Daffy.

Given his passion for the craft, perseverance, and commitment to the goal of standing in the limelight, it would not be a surprise if the charts in the future will be peppered by the songs born out of the creative mind of Hitta Castro. 

Learn more about Hitta Castro by visiting his website and Instagram page. 

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