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(Chicago Actress @thereallraye in a Custom Stevie Edwards signature white dress…Photo courtesy of @imerickrobinson)


Stevie Edwards, Chicago’s King of Fashion. After having a career in fashion for over 30 years. Stevie deserves the title. Only a few men designers from Chicago have been around designing in different genres, such as from the 80s up until now. Stevie has experienced it all. Yet, he still says the 80s are his favorite. 


His experience comes from high school, majoring in Tailoring and mastering the art. Continuing to learn his style, Stevie worked with the late Reginald Thomas, a dear friend who also worked for the legendary Barbara Bates. But Stevie credits his success to the legendary Iconic late Great Eunice Johnson, who purchased Stevie gowns and showcased them in her International Fashion Fair Show, which also led to an editorial in Ebony Magazine and an appearance on The Oprah Show. 


Stevie recently received major editorials from WWD, Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and Sheen Magazine. Stevie is trying to stay relevant by expanding her brand and securing a LA location. I wanted to dress in Black Hollywood, so I had to move here. I still reside in Chicago, so I’m bi-coastal with my clients. Stevie clothes have dressed the elite, such as Diana Ross, Tiffany Haddish, Billie Woodruff, Terisa Griffin, Jody Watley, LisaRaye, and Claudia Jordan, to name a few. 

To keep up with the latest on Stevie Edwards, visit his Website, IG, Twitter, and Facebook.

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