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Harry Osterhoudt Jr: The Iconic Entertainer Dominating the Acting and Comedic Scenes

Hailing from Irvington, the urban community nestled in the heart of Essex County, New Jersey, Harry Osterhoudt Jr is an all-around entertainer. In addition, he is an actor, comedian, model, photographer, and videographer. Growing up in a large family as the youngest of five siblings, he was a boisterous kid with a flair for the dramatic. For his college years, he attended Raritan Valley Community College. Then he went to Simmons College of Kentucky, where his passion for the silver screens led him to study video and film production. However, there are many sides to Harry Osterhoudt Jr, and in 2010, he decided to follow his athletic passion and played Semi-Pro Basketball for five years with the ABA (American Basketball Association). 

After his short stint in Semi-Pro Basketball, he went on hiatus for two years, realigning himself with his true passion as an entertainer. Soon after, he began his acting career and discovered he could effortlessly make people laugh. He started doing stand-up comedy at local bars and various shows such as the Broadway Comedy Club, Scottie Comedy Cove, and Stress Factor. Through it all, acting remains his true passion, and he went on to be featured in several shows and movies, some of which include Notorious (2009). And in shows like Starz Power Season 6 (2019), Love & Hip Hop, The Politician season 2 (2020), Starz PowerBook season 2 (2021), Amazon Harlem (2021), the web series Trappin‘ (2018), Those Who Can’t, and the feature film The Blue Labyrinth premiering at NBC Studios NYC in February 2020.

Harry’s not just an icon in front of the camera. As an entertainer worth his salt, Harry has had several appearances as a male model in print and on the runway for local boutiques and designers of New Jersey. In addition, he is a pro behind the lens as a photographer and videographer. Despite his smashing success, Harry remains humble and grateful. In an interview, he said, “Being published is a huge accomplishment; as for any entertainer, it’s a staple in your career. It shows that my hard work and dedication is being acknowledged but not just that it allows me to display my personal growth.”

Harry is a prime example of how passion and hardwork can result in success with his passion, creativity, and unending determination.  In the coming years, he aims to work closer to his dreams, talents, and dedication, opening new opportunities for him in the entertainment industry.  Harry Osterhoudt Jr hopes to inspire other aspiring artists never to give up their dreams. “As an upcoming entertainer, sometimes it may feel like you’re getting nowhere fast, or you may feel like a starving artist. But don’t give up, even I played small roles in major shows like The Notorious, Power season 6 episode 3 and Power book season 2 episode 6. I must say the experience I’ve gained by being on set is something I will carry with me forever,” he shared.

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