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Unplug From The Tech World and Plug Into Happi’s World!

Technology has undeniably had a major impact on society today, which is why Sue Tobert’s book Happi’s World provides a way to “unplug” from technology and enjoy a relaxing pastime with one’s self or with family and friends. 

The book has become a favorite among many individuals, no matter how old or young, because of how it presents itself: a three-in-one pastime activity book that offers coloring mandalas, word searches, and yoga. Happi, the main character, is a charming lemur who does yoga to stay calm and strong. Happi’s World was inspired by the idea of Happi imagining himself in places that bring him happiness.

“This fun activity book does have many benefits: it releases stress, promotes a sense of calm and relaxation, improves focus, and strengthens fine and gross motor skills in children. It’s also a great way for everyone to unplug from the electronic world of today,” Sue shared.

The three-in-one book is unique for its mandalas, word searches, and yoga. Kids, in particular, can enjoy doing basic yoga poses and searching for words and for Happi, who is hidden among the mandalas throughout the pages. Some fun facts about the ring-tailed lemurs are also included at the end of the book.

Sue saw the positive effects of yoga and mandala coloring on children’s social, emotional, and physical development, which inspired her to create Happi’s World. Furthermore, after 33 years in her remarkable teaching career, Sue wanted to help out struggling young learners further by integrating her experience as an educator and her mastery of kids’ yoga through a one-of-a-kind tutoring program she calls Yogademics.

“I had been doing yoga myself for a while and really loved it. I started incorporating yoga poses into my teaching and using mandalas in my classroom before both became popular!” Sue shared. “All this led to me writing and winning two Hamilton Education Foundation Grants: ‘Homework Without Tears’ and ‘Yoga, It’s Elementary,’ which I presented one year at the annual NJ Teacher Convention,” she added.

In addition to its accolades, Happi’s World also won second place in both The Moonbeam Child’s Book Award and The Purple Dragon Book Award contest for 2022, renowned for being a “great book for kids, families, teachers, occupational therapists, and anyone who likes to color.”

Happi’s World is perfect for families who want to spend time together through a calm and engaging activity. Although it touches on yoga, readers do not need to have existing knowledge of the exercises to enjoy the book’s easy-to-follow instructions. Furthermore, adults can enjoy the book and revisit their inner child as they go through the book, making it an ideal self-relaxing hobby or a delightful gift for whatever occasion.

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