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From a Registered Nurse to a Beacon of Health and Fitness: The Journey of Anthony Finochio, RN

Anthony Finochio
Photo Credit: Nate Peterman

By: Victoria Nguyen


In many ways, Anthony Finochio is just like you and me. He’s battled through adversity, and like a champion, has risen from it with extraordinary resilience. Moreover, the strength he exhibited in his journey has also given wings to his desire to help others. Anthony Finochio is not just a registered nurse with six years of grueling experience; he is a trailblazer, a fitness junkie, a personal trainer, and a strong advocate for primary healthcare prevention. Today, he stands proudly as the co-owner of Asclepius Movement LLC, delivering his innovative health and fitness expertise worldwide. 

Journey as a Registered Nurse

Anthony’s journey as a healthcare professional was not a paved road. From traversing through different hospital systems across Pennsylvania and other states in the United States, his experiences have been as diverse as they have been challenging. The height of the COVID-19 pandemic unveiled to him many struggling facets of the healthcare system, allowing him a deeper understanding of chronic diseases and their onslaught. The countless instances where system gaps have negatively impacted patients imprinted upon him the critical importance of preventative healthcare. This realization signaled a new direction for Anthony’s professional trajectory.

Venturing into Fitness

Undeterred, Anthony dove head-first into the vast sea of fitness and health training. Establishing his roots at LA Fitness and subsequently branching off to form his own ventures, he realized his passion for empowering individuals to lead healthier, productive lives. Carving a place within the health industry with his unique brand early on, FinochioFitness, Anthony began his journey of personifying his deeply etched motto, “if it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.”

Positioned as an adept personal trainer, Anthony distills his conventional knowledge and experience in the medical field and intertwines it with upcoming research and individual experimentation to create authentic fitness solutions. He’s not merely about calisthenics and cardio; he’s about creating strategic meal plans, developing bespoke workout regimes, and providing holistic life coaching experiences. For Anthony, fitness goes far beyond a choice; it’s a way of living, and he wants to share this perspective with the world.

Asclepius Movement LLC: The Quest for Primary Prevention

On his quest for primary prevention as a means of combating chronic illnesses and promoting healthier lifestyles, Anthony co-founded Asclepius Movement LLC. Steeped in the wisdom of the famous Greek quote he reveres, “health is wealth,” this platform represents a convergence of authentic medical knowledge with the passion for bringing about a proactive change in healthcare. 

Promoting primary prevention instead of adopting reactive approaches, Anthony sternly believes that timely health management can slow, if not stall, the devastating effects of most illnesses. This is the vision that drives the Asclepius Movement – transforming lives one step at a time towards optimum health and wellness.

Moving Forward

Anthony’s journey is far from over. Today, he stands as a beacon of health awareness, transformative fitness, and proactive lifestyle changes. He shines brightly through his Instagram accounts (@anthonyfinochio and @asclepiusmvt) and his website, where he inspires innumerable followers with his knowledge, enthusiasm, and verdicts on living a healthier, happier life.


Anthony Finochio, RN, may have started his journey through hospital corridors and night shifts, but today, he strides on the health and fitness stage with offerings that transcend conventional preventative medicine. He sees a world where disease prevention starts at your doorstep, with well-tuned workouts and balanced diets. A world where the best version of yourself is ready to rise and take the bull by the horns, just as he did. This is the reality he is not only convinced is attainable but actively making possible through his work at Asclepius Movement. For those invested in their health and well-being, the name to follow is Anthony Finochio, RN. Embark on the journey towards a healthier, fulfilling life today.

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