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Frank Hamre Brings a Whole New Crime Universe to Life with the Story of Damon Lattimore

Crime thrillers and fiction novels have introduced readers to a whole new reality that adds color and excitement to anyone’s downtime or reading blocks. One author, Frank Hamre, looks to bring one new world to life by showing people the life, adventures, and struggles of a Los Angeles-based law enforcer named Damon Lattimore. 

Earlier this year, fiction author and doctor Frank Hamre released a book entitled Sunset at LAX, a crime thriller that tells of a multi-faceted case of a murdered surgeon and the detective attached to it. However, Damon, the protagonist of the story, has other conflicts and demons to face as he continues to investigate the doctor’s death. Through the process, he meets a Finnish ice hockey professional named Michael Haikkanen, who gets involved in the affair in a seemingly predestined occurrence. 

Following the first book’s release earlier this year, Frank has expanded the universe with a second book, Tokyo Blues, which sends Damon to the other side of the world to solve the alleged murder of an Olympic athlete named Travis Harrison. He travels to Tokyo to investigate the crime and gets caught up in bureaucracy and politics as diplomatic pressure pin down the operation and threatens to turn the case into another mystery void of justice. 

The Damon Lattimore story is the outcome of a heart filled with passion for crime novels and thrillers. Despite being a busy doctor in Madrid, Spain, Frank has put considerable effort into creating these two titles and looks to expand them in the future further. Hamre is a half Spanish, half Norwegian medical front liner and book author whose exposure to authors like Agatha Christie, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy and Haruki Murakami gave him a sense of wonder and meaning. Frank’s father was a writer too, which played a massive role in influencing Hamre to pursue writing as a passion project. 

Today, Frank splits time between serving as a medical professional and creating storylines and arcs for Damon and the new world he created via his two books. The first title, Sunset at LAX, is now available on Amazon. It also features the work of illustrator Rena Violet, who has worked on other titles like The Goddess Throne, Stone of Gabriel, and Wake Up Pretty: Rising Above Beauty Industry Drama.

After settling in Madrid, Spain, back in 2017 and committing to a career in medicine, Frank Hamre thought he had hung his writer’s hat for good. But the Complutense University alumnus and lover of crime fiction couldn’t help it. So in 2020, he started writing again and brought the character of Damon Lattimore to life. Frank hopes to tell more tales in the Damonverse and possibly even expand into other storylines in the future. In the meantime, he also writes non-fiction pieces for lifestyle and mental health publications to sharpen his writing prowess further. 

Frank hopes to one day become an accomplished best-selling author and a regular contributor to some of the most prominent lifestyle publications and brands in the world. In the meantime, avid readers can check out the story of Damon Lattimore by visiting Frank Hamre’s Instagram profile and website. Tokyo Blues is also currently available on Frank’s Twitter account.

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