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Former E! TV Host and Female Founder Brianna Meighan on Building a Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce Empire in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in countless changes across the political, social, and economic landscapes and has resulted in a dramatic shift in the role that the internet and eCommerce now play in our daily lives.  Gone are the days where being a business owner required an expensive physical store in a prime location, a multitude of employees and thousands of dollars in inventory. Today, eCommerce provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to establish a business online with as little as just one product to sell, no employees and all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Former E! Entertainment TV host and model Brianna Meighan is among the sea of entrepreneurs who have leveraged the power of eCommerce to create brands from zero and grow them into millions.

The mother of two, who currently runs her eCommerce businesses almost entirely from her iPhone and without stepping away from the comfort of her home, began her eCommerce venture in 2015 from her kitchen table.

“I loved my years working on-camera as a E! TV host, except it was like any other job. I was trading my time for a paycheck and after I had kids, I was determined to build a business that would generate passive income 24/7,” she said,

With no prior experience in the field and with only a $5,000 investment, Brianna Meighan has accomplished what most people only dream of.

In late 2015, Brianna Meighan, opened her first Amazon store with the intention of leveraging Amazon’s existing, high-traffic eCommerce platform to sell her products.

“Selling on Amazon is an entrepreneur’s dream come true because Amazon has already done the majority of the heavy lifting. Amazon has already built the eCommerce site, Amazon already has the customers and Amazon provides the A-Z product order fulfilment and customer support. So why would I try to reinvent the wheel and build my own website when I can just plug-in and sell with Amazon?” explains Brianna Meighan. 

Many sellers use the program known as Amazon FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon — a service offered by Amazon that allows third-party sellers to automate their order fulfilment and shipping services.

“When my products are ready, I simply ship them straight into Amazon’s fulfilment centers and Amazon manages 100% of the product order fulfilment process and the customer service from there,” explains Brianna Meighan.

Today, Brianna Meighan stands at the helm of multiple Amazon stores and owns several successful brands that she has created from zero, and is now generating over seven figures annually from her Amazon FBA sales alone.

“Selling on Amazon is absolutely phenomenal because the conversion rates on Amazon are so high. People rarely go to Amazon to just browse or window shop. Instead consumers go to Amazon with the intent of making a purchase and this is why positioning your brands and products on Amazon can lead to huge, huge success,” the expert digital entrepreneur explains.

Through her success, Brianna Meighan, is proof that selling on Amazon FBA is a very lucrative business venture. Nonetheless, the eCommerce expert is clear to point out that selling on Amazon FBA is not a get rich quick scheme and is careful to emphasise that it takes time and real work to build a real brand and a successful business.

“It all started with just one product and from there, little by little, it grew. But I had to stay focused on my goal and I had to dedicate myself to learning the ever-changing Amazon marketplace, its tools, the Amazon algorithm updates, Amazon PPC, consumer trends—everything, and with time, I can confidently say now, it has paid off,” shares Brianna.

Despite her impressive portfolio of accomplishments, Brianna Meighan shows no sign of wanting to slow down any time soon. The former E! TV host and model aims to highlight the abundance of business opportunities that exist right now in eCommerce and selling on Amazon FBA. Brianna Meighan hopes that she can pay it forward by inspiring other entrepreneurs to take action towards financial freedom and to build the business of their dreams.

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