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Focused Credit Improves Clients’ Finances with Its Renowned Credit Education Program

The American credit system is riddled with individuals who have a lot to learn. The system by itself is a precursor toward financial freedom, but most people just don’t know how to navigate through it, ending up with bad credit scores and, in turn, accruing more debt. Kash Lanier has made it her mission to assist people by improving their creditworthiness through her own credit education program. In line with her mission, Kash established her own company called Focused Credit.

It all started when Kash Lanier was 19 years old. She was denied her first government apartment due to her having a bad credit score. “I was a single young mom, and it left me in a bad place knowing that I couldn’t provide a place to stay for my child due to my own negligence,” explains Kash. She eventually started working with a gentleman who offered credit repair at a public library in her hometown. He assisted Kash with fixing her credit and told her to build her credit as soon as possible. 

In about twelve months, Kash Lanier was able to move into a new apartment, buy a new car, and apply for higher credit limits, which was approved instantly. “That feeling was amazing, and I knew if it made me feel amazing and free, that I wanted to share it with the world,” says Kash. Thus, her company, Focused Credit, was born in 2015 in the hopes of assisting others to do exactly what she learned and more.

Focused Credit has helped over 3,500 people by improving their creditworthiness through its credit education program. The company prides itself on integrity while assisting its clients by improving their finances and their mindset toward it. Single moms like Kash Lanier and business owners alike will greatly appreciate the benefits and services that Focused Credit provides. 

The company strives to improve its already stellar performance day by day, which makes Focused Credit a trustworthy credit agency. Kash Lanier has thoroughly focused on the company’s business success, and in turn, the company has managed to help thousands of people improve their credit scores through her tried and tested methods.

In the near future, Kash Lanier hopes to open up at least two locations for Focused Credit to serve more and more people across the United States. She also aims to give back to her community by establishing a non-profit organization where she can teach education to underprivileged children. “I want to have printers, classrooms, and computers available for use so that if people can’t afford our actual services that they can still assist themselves,” says Kash.

All in all, Kash Lanier has made it her mission to help other people alleviate their bad credit scores after experiencing the consequences firsthand. These things weren’t taught in school or at home, and most people had to learn the hard way. “It’s all about education and learning the credit laws,” explains Kash. Through Focused Credit, credit education has become more accessible, and financial freedom is just within arms reach.

To know more about Kash Lanier and her amazing company, make sure to visit Focused Credit’s official website.

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