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Financial Expert Paul Vassallo Provides Insight on Building and Managing Wealth for Long-Term Sustainability

To many people, the key to achieving financial freedom is making more money. And while this is an exciting concept, the true secret to achieving long-lasting financial success and freedom lies in financial literacy and proper wealth management. It’s a lot less about how much you make, and more about how much you keep. For example, the salary range in the NFL catapults many players from obscurity to stupendous wealth. Yet, after the end of their careers, these wealthy footballers often end up flat-out broke five to seven years after leaving the league. To change the narrative and help these players accumulate and protect their wealth, Paul Vassallo lends his expertise as a financial educator through his company Net More Wealth.

Paul Vassallo is a former D1 Football Captain and NFL Linebacker-turned-financial expert. After retiring from the NFL, Paul noted the worrisome financial trend among league players. So to help troubleshoot the underlying problem, he shifted his unrelenting passion for learning and progress to the world of finance, learning how to be the advisor to the pros on how to accumulate and protect their wealth. With the knowledge he gained, he has delved into a new field of educating the pros on how to accumulate, manage and protect their wealth and he now shares that knowledge freely via TikTok @NetMoreWealth.

Through his journey in financial education, Paul discovered that following a few simple, but powerful financial principles was the key to financial success now, and assuring them of financial security after retirement. He now teaches these principles to pros, entrepreneurs, business owners, and high level executives through his company, Net More Wealth.

“I am now focused on teaching these principles about money to my clients. Helping them ensure they take the right steps to accumulate, protect, and set up long-term tax-free wealth that sustains in any market condition. Regardless of the current economic times, booming, busting, time of war, or a time of peace. These simple concepts would leave everyone better off if they found them,” he says. 

As part of its strategies, Paul’s company, Net More Wealth, takes a unique approach to financial education by first reframing the mindset to recognize and accept the limitless possibilities. Wealth begins in the mind long before it’s in the bank.

“It all starts with a certain belief level,” Paul shared. “It’s one thing for me to tell you that you can be financially free and design the life of your dreams. But if you don’t believe it, you won’t work for it the way that it deserves.”

By changing their mindset and reframing how they view money, Paul’s financial principles help clients create space for new ideas, and these new ideas will help shape their lives for many years to come. These financial solutions are also customized to each client’s financial situation and strength. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to growing your wealth.

“Even if it doesn’t feel like they are in control, we help our clients see the different ways to be in charge and take responsibility for where they are. That way, they don’t have to spend any time or energy blaming others or circumstances. Instead, they get to work on finding solutions that they need for them to thrive on the highest level,” Paul shared.

For Paul Vassallo, the motivation behind building a financial education platform comes from realizing the importance of financial education. “The knowledge that we have needs to be in front of every person to help them understand what options they have available to them,” he shared.

Over the next few years, his goals for the company are to expand to over fifty educators working with the company and grow the clientele to over a thousand clients as well as to arm everyone who wants it with the financial knowledge they need to secure their best future. 

To learn more from Paul, follow him on TikTok @NetMoreWealth 

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