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Filip Boksa, Local Chicago Entrepreneur Shares What It Takes To Grow A Successful Business

The secret behind a successful venture lies in the efficiency of team members and the entrepreneur itself. There are many examples of people who wish to establish a business with a strong foundation, but they fail to consider all loopholes that need to be filled in the planning stage. This story will walk you through the idea behind becoming an accomplished entrepreneur and what goes into running a business after successfully establishing it. We all know that the main challenge in the business arena is to run it profitably and reach the break-even point after considering all the investments made.

One such example is Filip Boksa, co-founder of BookingKoala, a cloud-based booking solution that allows users to manage appointments, marketing channels and track sales growth. Boksa’s primary focus here is to turn the SaaS into a unicorn without taking outside capital setting an example of a self-funded initiative. Going back in time, Boksa commenced his entrepreneurial journey back at the age of 19 with King of Maids, a home cleaning service in Chicago that he started with his best friend. With a combined investment of $6,000, they could generate $5,000,000 as revenue by the time Boksa reached 23 years of age. This instance in itself is a testimony of Boksa’s entrepreneurial and calculative mindset which can serve as an asset for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

The success of Boksa’s service business is his team’s ability to recognize what matters and what doesn’t. The foundation of BookingKoala lies in its client satisfaction and offering new features with coming days and advancements in technology. He adds that making it attractive to your customers with an easy to use interface is equally important. 

“I still remember back to the first morning when I woke up to clients booking our services overnight. It was something special, and we figured out how to make money while we were asleep”, says Boksa. 

“At the end of the first year after we implemented the full software we looked back on the numbers and saw that we had saved over $100,000 by getting rid of three staff members simply because we didn’t need them anymore. This was huge because we used that money for marketing, which made us grow even faster”, he adds. 

Boksa advises budding entrepreneurs to start right away and not be afraid of making mistakes. “You will never be ready until you go through the process”, believes Boksa. He adds that as an entrepreneur one ought to trust their team members to get the work done while you figure out how to grow your company. “You need to let go of the old ways that are no longer needed or necessary and get with the new trends”, asserts Boksa. 

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