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Evangelist David Diga Hernandez Preaches the Gospel Through Social Media

The rat race has distanced us all in some ways from our spiritual selves. This is probably the reason we can’t live fulfilling lives even after achieving success. We hear people revealing encounters with God that changed their lives but never experience similar encounters that provide answers to greater problems. David Diga Hernandez, an evangelist and healer, is helping the present generation overcome such problems by spreading the real message of the Gospel through modern means of communication. His goal is to spread the original message without compromising it to fit into modern culture. 

David Diga Hernandez was only 11 when he had a genuine encounter with God. He is definite that it was not an epiphany or a spiritual experience but a true encounter with God that became the driving force behind everything he does now. He wants others to know God, which is the reason he has preached the Gospel since he was 13. Initially, it was his passion and love for God. He was keen on explaining things and even preached at various youth events nationwide. David preached first sermon to his church’s youth group. From there, it snowballed, and around 2007, he started a YouTube channel to reach the public through the most popular means of communication: the internet. 

As Hernandez grew in viewership, he, along with his team, started conducting events nationally and internationally. The goal was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Currently, David is a renowned Christian leader on YouTube who practices healing through modern means like social media. He reached out to millions of Gen-Z and millennials as a key figure for the charismatic Christian movement. He doesn’t fit any church denomination category and has a unique style of communication. 

To take the initiative further, Hernandez wrote three books that became best sellers. He believes that the Gospel still works in its original form and should never be modified to suit the interest of any generation or culture. By changing the message to make it more favorable, people remove its power. The Gospel as-is works just fine. According to David, “If you believe you have the truth, you can’t compromise your message.” He feels the present generation doesn’t want a shell of the Gospel. They need substance. Like in all generations, there will be acceptance and rejections of the Gospel, but nobody wants a Gospel they know isn’t real. 

Despite spreading a true spiritual message and helping people heal, David’s journey was challenging. With the consistent cultural evolution, he needs to constantly adjust the method of messaging without compromising the message itself. The pandemic proved to be a boon disguised as a bane for Hernandez and his team. As public events were strictly prohibited, people turned to social media to connect with others, which is when their follower base started scaling. He took the opportunity to spread the message of the Gospel in its original, unaltered, and uncompromised form. For David, the same Gospel that worked for the early Church is the same Gospel we need today. 

David Diga Hernandez and his team want to continue preaching the original Gospel on a larger scale in the coming years to help people discover their spiritual selves. To achieve this feat, he and his team have been working on building their platform and infrastructure by investing millions, because nothing is worth more than leading a spiritual awakening among the next generations via technology.

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