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EQ COACHING LLC: Pioneering a Mental Health Revolution with the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Photo Credited to: Tarmim Khan

EQ COACHING LLC, founded by the visionary Tarmim Khan, a Holistic Practitioner, EQ Expert/Coach, and Speaker from Chicago, IL, is making waves in the mental health industry by focusing on the development of emotional intelligence and the connection to personal and professional success. With a remarkable track record of transforming over 1000 lives globally within just three months, her innovative approach is set and has already proven to transform the way mental health is approached, prioritized, and nurtured.

In a world where IQ has traditionally been the primary measurement of success, EQ COACHING LLC is breaking boundaries and creating a new paradigm in the mental health industry by focusing on developing the ’emotional quotient’ or EQ. By emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence, countless clients worldwide have overcome struggles with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and more. This groundbreaking approach has empowered individuals to truly excel in their personal lives while achieving significant results in their academic and professional fields.

“I truly believe that mental health is not a destination; it’s a journey to continue walking. There is too much judgment, pride and ego- catalysts for disconnection- and not enough compassion, sincerity and empathy,” says founder Tarmim, “This is why we live in an ’emotional epidemic’ because the lack of emotional intelligence is so rampant.” Her innovative approach to Emotional Intelligence has been recognized by Yale University and has not only earned her accolades within the Mental Health industry but also captured global attention, allowing her work to reach beyond the U.S., including Canada, Europe and more! 


Photo Credits: Tarmim

Possessing over ten years of corporate experience, Tarmim recently walked away from the corporate industry to focus on her business full-time. Beyond offering 1:1 coaching services, EQ COACHING LLC also provides business consulting services, as well as workshops, seminars and motivational speeches. Furthermore, Khan has partnered with local universities, corporations and organizations in the U.S. to instill the importance of mastering emotional intelligence for student, business, and organizational success through workshops, seminars, and moderating and leading events. Tarmim Khan is a pioneering force dedicated to fostering healing within individuals, businesses, and corporations by harnessing the power of emotional intelligence and its profound influence on mental health. 

In addition to achieving undeniably transformative results, EQ COACHING LLC’s long-term vision extends to revolutionizing the U.S. education system by transforming the curriculum and incorporating EQ teachings from primary education onwards. This plan aims to educate the youth from an early age on the lasting positive effects and importance of developing social-emotional learning skills necessary for resilience and a successful lifestyle overall.

For a limited time only, EQ COACHING LLC is offering free consultation calls to those interested in learning more about the innovative approach to mental health and how to achieve happiness and success in every aspect of life. 


To learn more about Tarmim and EQ COACHING LLC, visit the website at

To schedule a consultation call, visit to book a FREE slot- for a limited time only!

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