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Environmental Advocate: How Amanda Lavery is making the world sustainable with her brand CoCaBee

The beauty product industry is a skyrocketing market that has been through explosive growth over the past decade. Across the globe, investors funnel in millions of dollars worth of investment to fund skincare businesses and research. These practices include, most controversially, the use of animals in safety tests. Prototypes such as lipstick and foundation formula are tested on rabbits and monkeys inside facilities where these animals are kept in unsafe, subpar conditions. For various reasons, large makeup and skincare labels reach out to these unethical businesses in order to test their products. What’s left behind is a cycle of abuse and cruelty that disrupts the lives of innocent animals and takes advantage of the lax law enforcement within the third-world country these businesses are typically found in.

The world has had enough. It is cruel what we do to animals and the lengths we go to test cosmetics on them before we can try them on our skins. Thankfully, the world is changing and does not need cosmetics that risk the lives of animals when tried on them. 

The new era is all about eco-friendly products that are both cruelty-free and sustainable. The fact is that there is always room for improvement. Saying goodbye to cosmetics that may upgrade your looks but do harm to your skin in the long run has now become possible. 

Amanda Lavery steps up as an environmental advocate by introducing her skincare products that help make the world more sustainable. CoCaBee is a brand that offers a beauty line created with delicacy and compassion using ingredients that are entirely safe to use. And the best part, there is no animal testing involved while manufacturing beauty products. 

Growing up at a military base in Petawawa, Ontario, Amanda Lavery was just 16 when she was discovered for a modeling convention in Toronto, Canada. From there, she went on to build a career as a model. She continued working as a model away from home till she turned 28. It was then that Amanda decided she wanted to be her own boss. 

She set her heart on being an entrepreneur, leading her to take an online entrepreneurship course while working as a full-time bartender. As she continued to attain her certification in entrepreneurship, she developed an interest in yoga and meditation. It was then that she started discovering skincare products and the ingredients used to create them.

That was a turning point in her life. She made up her mind to produce her own products. Making lip balms in her kitchen using natural products, Amanda Lavery introduced them to her friends and colleagues. She completed her course, and upon receiving the certification in entrepreneurship, she came up with a corporate business idea we now know as CoCaBee

You must be wondering how Amanda’s beauty products are different. Well, for all the reasons you could think of! This dynamic young lady has advocated for the environment, taking an oath to introduce to the world skincare products that are not only safe for humans to use but also for the atmosphere.

She began formulating lip balms in her kitchen using some of the most natural ingredients that help nourish the skin. Most of the products that are manufactured using chemicals are tested on animals before they can be tried on human skin. We are all aware that using such products on animals is an act of cruelty, as they are at risk of irreversible damage. However, Amanda’s products do not require to be tested on animals. Besides being cruelty-free, her products are certified as safe to use. 

As far as CoCaBee products are concerned, Amanda shared that it all started with lip balms made organically. She created them with a love for nature using her own hands and natural ingredients. She was determined to show the world that there are ways in which skincare products and cosmetics could be produced without causing any harm to the environment and especially to animals. CoCaBee is where she began developing more skincare products using biodegradable ingredients.

Her cosmetics line comprises lip balms and waterproof liquid lipsticks that are organically hand-made. Apart from products that enable your lips to sustain their natural hue, Amanda offers her moisturizing, anti-bacterial hand cream, 24K golden rose serum, and a wide range of lip care products.

Though it was not an easy job to be a model in such a cutthroat industry, with determination and self-confidence, she not only carved a niche for herself but also changed the world of cosmetics.

Amanda Lavery is a true example of an environmental advocate. She loves animals and aims to protect them by all means. She sets a standard for the companies that deal in cosmetics and beauty products so that such products can be produced without causing any harm to the environment and, most importantly, animals. 

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