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Entrepreneur Ilgar Hajiyev Sheds Light on the Trials and Tribulations That Followed His Conversion From Islam to Christianity

There comes a point in one’s life when their problems can be so overwhelming that it becomes too difficult to carry on, and nothing can ease their burdens save the grace of God. Entrepreneur Ilgar Hajiyev has been in such a position before. Through talking to God, he decided to convert from Islam to Christianity, a decision that he will never regret.

A renowned entrepreneur in real estate, Ilgar Hajiyev’s decision to convert to Christianity stemmed from his marriage. For years, he and his wife have shared a desire to have children, but they could not bear one. The entrepreneur’s wife made a vow to God, making a covenant to serve Him if she and Ilgar could produce children. The Heavenly Father heard her prayers, and the couple bore a son, and they named him after the Biblical King David.

Ilgar revealed that his wife converted to Christianity more than two decades ago and made a joint decision to switch to a new confession. Although it took some time, Ilgar finally completed his oath. However, the decision was difficult for him, and he spent many days and nights deliberating.

The process of converting from Islam to Christianity is never an easy one. Ilgar’s Muslim relatives condemned his decision, and it would even ripple back to his work in Azerbaijan at a higher level.

Ilgar Hajiyev was accused of sponsoring a particular sect, and he and his family were forced to flee the country in 2011. Half of his business was handed over to the family of the country’s president at the time. “If I have to do this now and a hundred more times,” Ilgar commented about the situation, “I will choose only my family.” His conversion ushered in a difficult era in his career, and when Ilgar tried to return to his profession, he was in despair.

“I could not understand what was happening to me,” he said. “I began to read the Bible. I repented before the Lord and realized I did not want to live differently. On my birthday [July 3[, I called my wife and said that I accepted God.”

Eventually, Ilgar found himself on the rise in Russia. The entrepreneur made connections that helped him start joint projects. However, he would learn that his accomplices were Trojan Horses in his company. As a result, Ilgar would suffer another significant loss.

“I was a person who achieved a lot, had billions, sank to the lowest point, and realized that I have no one but God and my family,” shared Ilgar. “But I don’t regret anything. I am convinced that Christianity is a much more tolerant religion, and certainly, no one will dispute—now Christians do not persecute people of other faiths for reasons of faith. My wife has been persecuted for 21 years since she became a Christian. After my change of religion, repression by Ilham Aliyev fell upon me as a non-believer.”

After Heydar Aliyev came into power in Azerbaijan, Ilgar Hajiyev was able to return to the country and start over. He created a construction business, and for five years, they collaborated to open more than 25 construction projects, building new infrastructures. Additionally, Ilgar created a foundation to support others who fell into the same complicated situations that he did years before. The entrepreneur hopes to create an impact in preventing similar situations.Learn more about Ilgar Hajiyev by visiting his official website.

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