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Empowering the Next Generation: Teaching Girls to Dream Big

Empowering the Next Generation: Teaching Girls to Dream Big
Photo Credit: Kenya Roberson, Stefanie Bruns, Terri Britt, Dr. Kara Nance

By: Rhonda Swan

Empowering the next generation, especially young girls, stands as a pivotal pillar in constructing a society that champions equality, embraces diversity, and thrives on inclusion. Central to this endeavor is the art of instilling in girls a mindset that propels them to envision and attain their utmost potential, undeterred by societal norms or gender stereotypes. This holistic approach spans diverse realms, encompassing education, mentorship, and the courageous challenge of ingrained conventions. In the pursuit of this crucial mission, we unfold the empowerment to dream big. This involves nurturing a mindset that not only urges them to aspire to their fullest potential but also equips them with the tools to turn those aspirations into reality, unfettered by societal expectations or gender stereotypes. Strategies for achieving this encompass a spectrum of initiatives, from educational reforms and mentorship programs to challenging traditional norms. 

Additionally, drawing inspiration from the narratives of these remarkable women who have confronted and triumphed over challenges is imperative. They act as guiding lights of empowerment, illustrating that breaking free from societal constraints is not only achievable but vital for the collective progress of future generations.

Kenya Roberson

Photo Credit: Kenya Roberson

“I believe it’s important for women to be role models so that the women of our future can have someone to look up to, helping them pave the way for their own success,” shares Kenya Roberson, CEO and Founder of Elite Garment Distro. In her view, the presence of strong and accomplished women in various fields can inspire and guide the women of the future.

Working in a male-dominated industry, Kenya emphasizes that her own work plays a significant role in teaching young girls to dream big. By breaking barriers in her professional environment, she wants to convey the message that girls can achieve anything they set their minds to, regardless of societal expectations or gender norms.

When asked about the qualities she wishes to instill in the next generation of girls, Kenya highlighted the importance of expanding their minds. She expressed a desire for girls to put more effort into intellectual growth, encouraging them to embrace curiosity, learning, and the pursuit of knowledge. By emphasizing the significance of broadening one’s horizons, Kenya aims to empower young girls to become well-rounded individuals who are not afraid to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Stefanie Bruns

Image Internally Provided

Even though many people believe it is important for women to serve as role models for the next generation, individuals should always pursue the life of their dreams. Living the life of one’s dreams undoubtedly transforms them into role models. Witnessing successful women vibrating at their highest energy frequency sends a powerful message to young girls, inspiring them to believe that they too can achieve their goals.

Stefanie Bruns, a quantum psychologist, business mentor, spiritual leader, mother of four, a successful multi-million-dollar business leader, and CEO of BusinessFlowAcademy, highlighted the transformative impact of role models who live their soul’s purpose, breaking down gender stereotypes across various fields like STEM, business, sports, and the arts. The confidence built by those who follow their hearts becomes unshakable, inspiring resilience in young girls who witness their journeys. “It seems like female role models often become mentors and provide guidance to the next generation by nature. Mentorship creates an energetic matrix that others can hack into. This can be invaluable in helping young women navigate their careers and personal lives”, she says.

Regarding Stefanie’s work as a quantum psychologist, she explained how it teaches young girls to dream big. Quantum Psychology explores the interplay between consciousness and reality, empowering girls to shape their destinies through thoughts and intentions. Encouraging curiosity, fostering an empowering mindset, building resilience, promoting self-discovery, and emphasizing emotional well-being are key aspects of her teachings. Visualization and manifestation techniques help girls set and pursue clear goals with intention and focus. 

As a mother of three girls and one boy, she emphasized the impact of a positive self-perception on individuals. ‘I would wish them the ability to raise their frequencies no matter what. Life is filled with obstacles and treasures. Sometimes it can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But if you keep the feelings of oneness and connectivity, we will overcome crises and glean the lessons quickly,’ she shares. When asked about the qualities she wishes to instill in the next generation of girls, Stefanie expressed a desire to imbue them with the ability to see their own strength, beauty, and uniqueness.”

Terri Britt

Photo Credit: Terri Britt

Terri Britt, former Miss USA, TEDx speaker, award-winning author, spiritual coach, and founder of Women Leaders of Love Global Community, shared valuable insights on the significance of women serving as role models for the next generation and her efforts in empowering young girls to dream big.

She emphasized the ongoing “great awakening” for women to reclaim their power, advocating for a departure from a model imitating men. Instead, she encourages embracing women’s innate gifts of intuition and wisdom, breaking free from the generational cycle of lack, stress, and struggle. According to Terri, this empowerment not only allows women to cultivate more peace, balance, and joy in their lives but also extends its positive impact to the broader world. “We empower the women who follow us to create more peace, balance, and joy in their lives, homes, and on the planet,” she asserts.

The Women Leaders of Love global community, founded by Terri, extends an invitation to women and girls of all ages to assert their worth and claim their crowns. Terri emphasizes that grounding oneself in this purpose enables individuals to reclaim their power, cease performing for others’ love and approval, and live unapologetically. Embracing and loving one’s authentic self, and opening up to passions and gifts, fosters inner freedom, facilitating the pursuit of big dreams and the forging of unique paths to live life to the fullest, according to Terri.

As a mother and grandmother, Terri’s deepest desire is for the next generation of girls to love themselves unconditionally. She advocates for giving oneself a voice, setting boundaries, accepting humanness, forgiving mistakes, and listening to intuition. “I wish I could help all girls know at their core that they don’t have to prove their worth. Unlimited abundance is theirs. All they have to do is honor who they are so they feel enough and open up to receive all the goodness they deserve,” she shares. Terri believes that these qualities lead to true peace, joy, and freedom.

Dr. Kara Nance

Photo Credit: Dr. Kara Nance

Women serving as role models for the next generation is crucial for fostering empowerment, breaking gender stereotypes, and promoting equality. Inspirational female figures provide tangible examples of resilience, leadership, and success, dispelling societal limitations. By showcasing diverse achievements in various fields, women role models encourage young girls to pursue their aspirations fearlessly, contributing to a more inclusive and progressive society. These figures offer guidance, instill confidence, and amplify the message that gender should never be a barrier to personal and professional growth. Dr. Kara Nance, Communication and Relational Coach at KaraNanceMD, medical doctor/CEO of WellessenceMD, physician, and entrepreneur, emphasized that women role models offer guidance, instill confidence, and send a powerful message that gender should never limit personal and professional growth.

When asked about how her work teaches young girls to dream big, she shared her personal journey. She highlighted her success in creating a life where her dreams as a woman have come true, balancing her roles as a mother and a healer. As a mother of four, she actively participates in raising her children, and in her medical practice at WellessenceMD, she integrates evidence-based Western medicine with psychospiritual healing. Additionally, her coaching practice at involves supporting individuals using various tools, such as the Enneagram, Meyers Briggs, Resonant Healing, Nonviolent Communication, or psychedelic medicine. “By staying close to our heart’s desire and forever responding with creativity and curiosity,women can craft a life that is both professionally and personally fulfilling”, she shares.

Discussing the qualities she aims to instill in the next generation of girls, Kara highlighted several key attributes. First and foremost, she emphasized the importance of instilling a sense of courage and power, motivating girls to pursue work aligned with their integrity and passion. Secondly, she underscored the need for will and discipline to persevere in the face of obstacles, emphasizing that a strong belief in the impact of one’s work can drive positive change. Thirdly, Kara stressed the significance of cultivating compassion for oneself and others, enabling individuals to embody true strength with an open and responsive heart. According to her, “Even in the darkest hours, there are aspects of our lives that we can appreciate and cultivate gratitude for, inviting ourselves to stay connected to a kind of lightness while navigating our burdens.”

Fostering a society that values equality and diversity hinges on empowering the next generation, especially young girls. The goal is to break down gender barriers and stereotypes, paving the way for a future where every individual, regardless of gender, can reach their full potential. Drawing inspiration from the stories of resilient women who have overcome challenges actively contributes to a narrative that encourages dismantling societal constraints. This approach propels future generations to pursue aspirations without limitations, creating a more inclusive and promising path forward.

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