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East St. Louis Set to Experience a Massive Shift with Howard Hughes III’s $800 Million Development Plan

As far as city-wide development goes, it is the perfect solution for any city looking to improve its citizens’ lives and become a powerhouse in the grand scheme of things. The next city to enjoy the implementation of such a plan is East St. Louis in Illinois. This was announced by 31-year-old real estate developer Howard Hughes III, who will lead the development and change the face of East St. Louis.

The developer from Kalamazoo, Michigan, is set to lead an $800 million master plan which will cover three important phases in the development. With this plan, East St. Louis will gain 25 to 50 homes and two hotels, the development of the CBD Central Business District to add more shops, restaurants, downtown lofts, and various entertainment facilities. In addition, the most treasured parcel of land in East St. Louis, the Riverfront, will also receive some facelift.

According to plans and schedule, Howard Hughes III will bring his team of builders, including Clayco, HBD, and others, to develop East St. Louis city into the city of its citizens’ dreams. Once the development is complete, East St. Louis will become the first predominantly African-American urban community to enjoy a complete upgrade into a modern city. The development will turn East St. Louis into a smart city with remarkable features like city-wide Internet of Things (IoT), solar farms, solar homes, and green and renewable energy supply.

Howard Hughes III already built a solid reputation for himself as an experienced real estate developer but aims to make more waves with this partnership. His developer journey has been built solely on choosing areas that need development, opening them up and turning them around into thriving locations with all the amenities needed in a modern world. He has developed many cities and, as a result, created employment opportunities for thousands of people and helped America benefit through taxes from the numerous businesses that have sprung up from those developments.

Choosing East St. Louis was a no-brainer for Howard Hughes as he sees the city as one with huge potential, and his vision aligns perfectly with what is obtainable. “Right now, the city is pretty much a blank canvas. We have an outstanding view of downtown St. Louis and the Arch while being less than 3 minutes away. This is prime real estate, and the citizens of East St. Louis have been waiting for something of this magnitude. I am just thankful I am in a position to spearhead this very large development. I want to see this city win,” he said.

With the development set to kickstart soon, the next few years will see Howard and his team working hard to bring all the concepts to reality. He hopes to see East St. Louis become the city with opportunities in a few years. He foresees a lot of good things ranging from quality education to jobs, good roads, safe homes and general comfort for everyone who has made the city their home.

Learn more about Howard Hughes III on his website.

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