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E-Commerce Business Owner Fadi Amso Shares His Journey From Console Grips to Photography

Most people are under the impression that being young allows them to take their time doing what they love before they take life seriously. Even when they have goals of building a name for themselves, not many take the time to prepare for their journey. However, not everyone chooses to waste their youth. Some younger people are aware that their future is in their hands and that the sooner they start preparing, the better. Fadi Amso is among those who chose to build his career early.

Fadi Amso is a nineteen-year-old e-commerce owner and aspiring filmmaker based in San Diego, California. Amso was able to build up his brand even when he was attending high school. At fifteen years old, Amso already envisioned himself accomplishing big dreams. Determined to realize them, he set it upon himself to start early. While his peers enjoyed life and set up goals for the future, Amso spent most of his time contemplating how he could set off on his goal. 

During his senior year, Amso would come home from school feeling completely exhausted. As his future inched closer, his mind went into overdrive, juggling too many thoughts. As a means of escaping his struggles, Amso delved into video games. It was through video games that he came up with his idea for an e-commerce business — grips.

Most console players use their controllers excessively, wearing out the button stickers and leaving nail scratches on the joysticks. There is also the problem of dust, fingerprint smudges, or scratches on the controller itself. Fadi Amso devised thumb grips so other gamers could play with increased comfort, control, and handling while their sweaty palms no longer got in the way. He would name his business Sweet Grip.

Sweet Grip was a venture that set Amso in the right direction despite the uncertainty in his actions. The e-commerce business led to generating a huge revenue that he continues to run today. Amso would follow up his business with Amazon FBA a year after his breakthrough. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a service that provides sellers like Amso with storage, packaging, and shipping assistance. With Amazon’s established clientele, it was easier for the young entrepreneur to kick the business off.

When Fadi Amos was sixteen years old, he came home from school one day and decided to buy a camera. Looking up Craigslist, he found a camera for $300. Once it arrived, Amso took an interest in photography and videography. He started posting his shots on Instagram and built a portfolio that people enjoyed. Amso decided to turn his hobby into a business, creating high-quality photos for brands around San Diego.

Whether it’s Sweet Grip or his photography, Amso always strives to deliver his best for his clients. Even for a last-minute request, he goes out of his way to do what he can for them. Four years following his breakthrough, Amso plans on starting and operating multiple e-commerce businesses. His long-term goal is to build a team so he can continue providing his service globally. Additionally, Amso foresees long-term investments with owning properties.

To connect with Fadi Amso, you may follow him on Instagram.

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