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Dr. John Kelly: Designing Smiles That Transform Lives

A smile can bring so much joy and happiness to a person’s life. But sometimes, they might feel like their smile is not enough, that their teeth need some work. A smile gives someone a confidence boost, but it can cause some insecurities too. For years, cosmetic dentist Dr. John Kelly of Kelly Smile Design has helped people regain confidence in their smiles. His dental practice centers around restoring people’s smiles and confidence, helping them face life with their heads held high.

Dr. John Kelly is a dentist and owner of Kelly Smile Design, his dental practice based in Chicago. He has specialized in cosmetic dentistry and complex restorative dentistry. With his career spanning over 25 years, Dr. Kelly has become known for helping people get their smiles back. He uses his extensive skills and experience in cosmetic dentistry to safely enhance the smiles of thousands of patients. What sets him apart is how Dr. Kelly uses his unique background in function, physiology, and facial aesthetics to help patients achieve the smile of their dreams. 

“A smile is not just about teeth,” Dr. John Kelly said, “Cosmetic dentistry can bring about life-changing results and build a foundation of confidence.”

At Dr. Kelly’s practice, he uses innovative techniques to revitalize, restore, and transform smiles and lives. In improving a person’s smile, Dr. Kelly knows that it can have far-reaching positive effects on their self-confidence, personal relationships, and professional careers.

“I look at the person as a whole, including the life they lead and their relationships when I help design their smile,” the doctor said.

Aside from general dentistry services, Dr. John Kelly provides four genuinely unique services and techniques geared toward changing a person’s smile: Virtual Consults, Smile Test Drives, Smile Shaping, and Facially Driven Smile Design.

“These four services set me and my practice apart, and it has kept me at the forefront of the cosmetic dentistry field,” Dr. Kelly shared.

Virtual Consults entail a patient sending him a photo of their smile and all the questions and concerns they have. They will then receive a personal video addressing all their concerns and explaining what can be done. Dr. Kelly does consultations this way because it allows a patient to watch the video several times, fully absorbing all the information he provides, which will help them make informed decisions. Then, when patients are ready to take the next step, they can set up an in-person appointment. 

“During a Smile Test Drive, I place a cosmetic composite on the surface of the patient’s teeth. I then shape it, which gives them a better idea of the possible results,” Dr. John Kelly explained. By placing material directly on his patient’s teeth rather than digitally altered images, he allows them to understand the possibility that cosmetic dentistry holds. As a result, these patients get a better feel of how their teeth will change and get to see for themselves how they will look. This isn’t a permanent change yet, merely a sample that can be removed at the end of the consultation. 

On the other hand, Smile Shaping is a set of techniques that uses a person’s natural teeth rather than adding anything. It involves teeth whitening, gum contouring, and reshaping teeth edges. The results are a more symmetrical look with more conservative dentistry.

Facially Based Smile Design is a philosophy that considers a person’s unique facial features, musculature, and bone structure when designing dental work.

Dr. John Kelly explained, “As I have previously mentioned, a smile is more than just teeth. I also observe how a smile will fit in with the rest of my patient’s features and proportions. My goal is to develop a smile that blends naturally with the rest of their face, making it all the more harmonious and beautiful.”

Dr. John Kelly graduated from the University of Illinois and has since kept improving his dentistry skills, techniques and expertise. He has done groundbreaking cosmetic dental work for over 25 years.

“There are new possibilities and opportunities for individuals to get a confident smile. And I am here to help them achieve that,” he said.

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