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Dr. Gabriel Hershman Blends Tech and Oral Surgery for Best Results

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The convergence of technology and medicine has had a positive impact on the lives of many individuals. Surgical procedures have become more precise and less invasive, while various types of implants have greatly enhanced the quality of life for people. Dr. Gabriel Hershman’s dental practice is at the forefront of this revolution with its in house 3D printer revolutionizing surgery.

Dr. Hershman is an expert in maxillofacial surgery; having completed his education at the dental school of New York University. During his training at NYU Langone Medical Center he developed an interest in technology’s role in oral surgery, alongside mastering correctional jaw surgery techniques, pathology and reconstruction procedures, as well as dental implantation. Driven by his fascination with leveraging technology to enhance procedures, he integrated these insights into his practice.

The Hershman Group represents an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice located in Brooklyn, New York. It is led by Dr. Gabriel Hershman and his father Dr. Dwight L. Hershman, who serve as doctors and owners respectively. Their flagship services include wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants placement, bone grafting procedures and tooth extractions. The practice also offers a range of maxillofacial surgical treatments, with authorized sedation administration capabilities. Dr. Hershman has taken care to incorporate cutting edge technology into the practice to ensure the most desirable results and a top notch patient experience.  He has implemented a digital workflow for implant placement, utilizes intraoral scanners, has an in house 3D printer and plans all implants with CAD software to guarantee flawless positioning. Thanks to these tools, the Hershman Group consistently delivers the most desired results for their patients.

Dr. Hershman’s interest in technology extends beyond creating a smooth workflow and easing the work of surgeons. One of the things he enjoys most about being a doctor is patient interaction and being able to take away a patient’s pain. The tech advancements used in his office are meant to aid that mission. Dr. Hershman uses technology to swiftly and efficiently end his patients’ suffering. The Hershman Group prioritizes patient experience and care, bolstered by the focus on emerging tech. The group describes their care as personalized, gentle, and comprehensive. Patients are encouraged to learn more about their conditions and Dr. Hershman is committed to making patient care affordable, offering payment plans and financing options.

The Hershman Group is currently expanding, so Dr. Hershman can help even more patients end their oral woes. The group is undergoing a massive construction project designed to double the size of the current facility. Dr. Hershman is also working toward building a second location for the practice. Through collaboration with excellent dentists in the field and being at the forefront of innovation in oral surgery, Dr. Hershman is a leader in his specialty. He is currently an attending surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital, Mount Sinai, and NYU Langone Medical Center, making it easy for him to consult and partner with others at the top of the field.

Patients at the Hershman Group are in good hands. Dr. Gabriel Hershman’s focus on bringing technology and oral surgery together makes his practice a top-tier facility in terms of patient satisfaction and medical care. 

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