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Dion Coopwood’s Dominate the Decade Helps Communities Achieve Financial Freedom

What is most remarkable about accomplished individuals from modest origins is how they have worked to defeat odds and manifest their dreams into existence. Setting an example for other dreamers, they are trailblazers that harness the power of initiative and commitment. For example, Dion Coopwood, aka Mr. Phenomenal Power, is a successful financial literacy advisor.

Growing up on the Southside of Chicago did not make Dion’s life out of silver platters and spoons. “Growing up in Chicago, we understand that it was not easy. Life just necessarily was not fair. I grew up in a broken home. Did not have my dad, no relationship there, probably met him about four or five times, to be honest with you.” he says on the show Inside The Vault with AshCash on the Earn Your Leisure Youtube channel. Nevertheless, equipped with a life that echoes with most people, Dion is currently on a better pedestal, enjoying a life made all more precious because he achieved incredible heights after clambering from the deep trenches of life. 

As he navigated his path through these challenges, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 2008. He further enhanced his people skills with extensive customer service experience and his long term as a Store Manager for two different telecommunication companies. In addition, he also acted as the Regional Marketing Director for Capital Choice Financial Group, receiving numerous distinctions and awards within his four-year employment.

Happily married to his wife and blessed with three children, Dion is also a devout family man. He looks after his mom until today and ensures he gives back to the community and the important people around him. “Even though I did not have a relationship with a [father figure] growing up and somebody to show me the way, I am going to allow that situation to motivate and inspire me to be the best father figure, the best individual I can be to my family,” Dion says.

For over six years, Dion has been a financial literacy educator. With this extensive experience, he established Dominate the Decade University; a mentorship company committed to educating the community on how to form a successful entrepreneurial venture through financial literacy and mentorship. “I started Dominate the Decade to impact the culture from a financial perspective, to help people learn how to leverage the bank’s money so you can live the lifestyle you deserve and start, grow, or scale a business,” he mentioned on a recent Facebook post.

The venture mainly concentrates on the significance of mentorship regardless of someone’s socioeconomic status or financial state. The lessons they teach equips individuals with the importance of “A coach to guide you. Someone who will tell you how to run the play.” as Dion puts it. At its root essence, Dominate the Decade help individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners understand how to enhance their credit rapidly and establish business credit, so they can leverage both to start, grow, and scale a business and live the lifestyle they deserve.

Mr. Phenomenal Power continuously helps numerous businesses and individuals obtain their objectives and ambitions by arming them with knowledge on how credit and money work via financial literacy—teaching Personal credit, business credit, business funding, Tradelines and last but not least, manufacturing spending.

Dion has his social media accounts, and more information about Dominate the Decade is on its website.

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