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Daniel Kivo on Bridging the Gap Between Entrepreneurs Wishing to Scale Their Ventures and Competent Virtual Assistants

In recent years, more and more industries have recognized the importance of hiring virtual assistants and having onboard dedicated figures who can seamlessly join their roster of competent professionals. With the growing prominence of digital technology, skilled personal assistants from thousands of miles away have become a common sight. But while there is no shortage of VAs today, one problem remains: where and how to find a good fit. Highly cognizant of the long string of challenges that business owners face when trying to find the right match, Daniel Kivo banked on his expertise in managing virtual assistants to create a firm designed to connect entrepreneurs with the top 1% of VAs in e-commerce, digital marketing, web development, and more. 

The founder of Hire VA Now, Daniel Kivo is an authority in strategic talent sourcing whose impressive track record has enabled him to occupy a coveted position at the forefront of the industry. Known for his arsenal of innovative techniques geared toward enhancing human resource management, he stands as one of the go-to experts in the field. 

Daniel Kivo first dipped his toes in the realm of training and development in 2010 when he joined the United States Navy. Stationed in Okinawa, Japan, he was able to hone his skills at training employees and harnessing their potential. After his contract ended in 2014, the Communications graduate from Vanguard University worked as a sales executive at ShowDown Events, a  company that afforded him the opportunity to deepen his understanding of managing human resources. This knowledge was expanded even further upon his enrollment to Claremont Graduate University, where he would eventually obtain a Master’s degree in Human Resources.  

In 2019, Daniel Kivo made the bold move of pouring all his expertise into a venture intended to help startups and entrepreneurs scale. In establishing Hire VA Now, he hoped to offer his clients a reliable way to find and touch base with virtual assistants from all niches. Currently, this brainchild of his boasts an office in the Philippines. Composed of a team of managers, recruiters, and well-versed virtual assistants, it offers valuable and trusted services to go-getters who are hoping to propel their ventures to the next level. 

Hire VA Now stands out among a plethora of other fast-growing companies not only because of its strategic utilization of outsourcing but also for its distinctive approach to virtual assistance. Instead of giving a client just one VA, Daniel Kivo recommends hiring a full team that can cover all aspects of a business.

In spearheading Hire VA Now, Daniel Kivo operates with four professional cornerstones in mind—honesty, integrity, ethics, and superior customer experience. These same values stand at the core of his services and are expected to be reflected in the work style of every virtual assistant that hails from his company. 

Learn more about Daniel Kivo by visiting his LinkedIn and Instagram page. More information about Hire VA Now can also be found on its website

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