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Criss Bellini: The Number One Source of Unique, Customized and Branded Artwork

The value that comes with a piece of artwork is mostly derived from its exclusivity. Being an artist that values quality over quantity, Criss Bellini decided to make art exclusivity his core value offering. In his words, “I was inspired by people who are averse to mediocrity! I no longer wanted anyone to only have options like cheap posters and overpriced artworks, so I created a middle ground by launching my brand which offers exclusivity at an affordable price.”

The Criss Bellini brand sells all its artwork on the official website, and they can never be bought anywhere else. Based in Sweden, Criss Bellini offers both traditional and digital art. He hand-paints most of his designs on canvas using acrylic and mixed media, after which he photographs them professionally and prints them out. Criss Bellini ensures that the hand-painted artwork’s originality is not lost when it is printed out, and he offers his customers the exclusive feel of owning any of his artwork.

The Criss Bellini brand embodies a mix of street culture and motivation. Each artwork is an iconic, timeless art piece that is modernized to fit into today’s world. They usually come in a limited number of 250, and once they are sold out, nobody can get them anymore. The Criss Bellini brand targets business, fashion, and culture-minded people who constantly need some sort of inspiration or motivation to keep going. Some of the brand’s artwork also have elements of street and hip-hop culture in them. Criss Bellini is heavily influenced by trends that pop fashion icons like Kanye West and Virgil Abloh, amongst others, have set.

Criss Bellini is setting himself apart as an artist who has gone beyond boring art. “The brand is for people who don’t enjoy mediocre art and thus love to own artwork that isn’t for everybody,” he says. His inspiration to create something as notable as his brand comes from the kind of upbringing he had. “Having no dreams nor goals got me into a lot of trouble with the law as a kid, but it forced me to get on a quest to better my life,” Criss explains.

He grew up with his family running away from a war-torn country without money, birthday parties, or school trips. All of those experiences that he missed out on influenced him heavily to make the most of his talents and create something that people can easily relate to. Over the next few years, his goal is to grow his brand beyond the United States into Europe and globally. He also hopes to collaborate with big names like Virgil Abloh and brands like Louis Vuitton.

Criss Bellini is an anonymous artist who works behind a mask to signify the masks we each wear each day. He never explains the meaning of his works, but he revealed that he takes his inspiration from hip-hop culture and that he will always take inspiration from there. He has received endless reviews, and though he started making art in January 2020, he has made a million dollars in his first year.

Just like he was inspired as a child to make something out of himself, Criss Bellini hopes to inspire many kids who have no idea what they want to become. As he establishes himself as a notable and genuine artist, he hopes to pass on hope, motivation, and power to the younger ones. “Dreams can come true if you have them, but you just gotta believe in yourself,” he says.

Learn more about the Criss Bellini brand on the official website or check out photos of artwork here.

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