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Cricketer Suneel Kumar Makes an Explosive Comeback After Recovering from Injury

A lot of dedicated athletes who went through an injury barely made it back to their respective sports, and those who do make it back often do it with a bang. One such athlete is cricketer Suneel Kumar, who returned with a vengeance in the US Premier League, where strong performances earned him a call-up to the India-based Global Power Cricket League. If anything, Kumar was not ready to give up his passion just yet after incurring a hand injury from a car accident in 2021. 

The American-born cricketer has been fortunate enough to play his favorite sport in different parts of the world. He was part of the USA Men’s 30 Man National Training Camp back in the 2017-2018 season and is seriously looking at rejoining the camp. He was crippled by several injuries in between, but he continued to focus on recovering and getting back in the game. Despite his past injuries, he returned to professional cricket in the 2021 season in the Minor League Cricket, playing for the Florida Beamers. In that same season, he encountered a car accident that broke his hand, forcing him out of the game once again. 

Known for his determination and strong fighting spirit, Kumar made his comeback this 2022 with a tremendous performance last October 23. He made a remarkable 103 not out in just 46 balls playing for Atlanta Thunder against the Atlanta Heat in the AGCC League, including 11 fours and six huge sixes. That kind of performance is very hard to miss. 

Furthermore, during his time in Jamaica, as part of former international cricketer Brenton Parchment’s high-performance training camp, Suneel played for Bowes Cricket Club against Lacovia Cricket Club. The man-of-the-match performance held last November 6 saw Suneel scoring a whopping 24 runs not out off of ten balls, taking three wickets and giving up only five runs in two overs with his remarkable off-break bowling.

To put himself out there and discover more opportunities, Kumar is leveraging the power of the digital world to reach a vast audience. Times are changing, and everything is happening very fast online. Kumar intends to be part of the digital world and share his fondness for cricket and how fans and sports enthusiasts, too, can find fulfillment through it. 

Last September 23, Kumar launched his own YouTube channel and premiered a 14-minute video showcasing a day in his life as a cricketer. It shows his followers his early start to training with his teammates and how he draws inspiration from the people surrounding him. Through his recently launched channel, he hopes to inspire people to never give up on their dreams, just as he did. He wants people to have a glimpse of his life, the dreams he holds on to, and how he keeps moving forward until they come to pass. 

“I would like to share my message with the readers and let them into who I am as a person. That person is a dreamer, and I want the dreamers of the world to know they can make their dreams come true through hard work and perseverance. You just have to stand the test of time,” Kumar shared. 

Apart from being a committed cricketer, Kumar is an out-of-the-box thinker who is not afraid to take risks. Not only is he known as a trendsetter, but he is also very confident with a strong work ethic. Kumar believes that his injuries were a test of his character and how far he is willing to go to see his dreams come to fruition. Choosing to press forward despite the temporary obstacles is a testament to his resilience and drive to succeed. 


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