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Console Vault’s Anti-Theft Car Safes: A Mobile Fortress for Valuables

Console Vault's Anti-Theft Car Safes: A Mobile Fortress for Valuables

By: Elizabeth Galewski

Americans are constantly on the go, and once they leave home, their car becomes their repository until they return. This means their valuables and firearms risk being stolen. If traveling for work or going on a road trip, their belongings are at particular risk, but what if they could turn their vehicle into a mobile fortress? With Console Vault’s anti-theft car safe, they can.

The Anti-Theft Vehicle Safe

Imagine a secure vault right in the center console of a car or truck — or even a motorcycle. That’s precisely what Console Vault safes are. Unlike traditional safes confined to homes or offices, these solutions are portable gun safes that offer hidden places to keep valuables secure and deter criminals.

“They are designed to integrate into the interior of vehicles seamlessly,” says Scott Bonvissuto, President of Console Vault. “These safes offer a discreet yet powerful means of protection at an affordable price.”

Car Safe FAQs

Made from heavy-duty steel and built to last, Console Vault’s in-vehicle safes meet the highest quality standards and offer easy installation. While in-vehicle safes can be ordered as original equipment for some manufacturers, they can also be added aftermarket, and are surprisingly easy to install without requiring professional help. The safes offer a variety of locking mechanisms, so users can customize based on their needs. The mounting bracket is engineered to be secured within the vehicle’s existing console mounting points, hidden, making it inaccessible to prying.

Console Vault has options for nearly every make and model of vehicle, including brands like Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Nissan, Ram, Subaru, Toyota, and Volkswagen. They even make car gun safes for Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y and continually work to add to their offerings, so no matter what vehicle individuals drive, chances are they have plans in the works or even a prototype.

How to Use a Console Car Safe

“I often get asked what people keep in their safes,” Bonvissuto says. “There are many different applications, but one of the most common is for gun storage. Many gun owners need a handgun lockbox since many locations do not permit firearms.” According to research, a gun is stolen from a US car every 15 minutes. Indeed, parked cars are now the largest source of stolen guns, which can then be used to commit further crimes. “It isn’t just about being safe using a Console Vault yourself,” Bonvissuto explains. “It’s also about keeping guns from falling into the wrong hands. That’s why responsible vehicle gun storage is paramount.”

More than Gun Storage

Another common use is storing passports, legal or insurance documents, sensitive or important business documents, and confidential materials. “It’s also a good place to store valuables — jewelry, for instance, and maybe even the engagement ring you plan to use to propose,” Bonvissuto explains. “Many people use them to stash electronic devices in a secure location out of sight.” According to Bonvissuto, there are a lot of other use cases as well. “Say you want to keep candy out of the hands of kids and only bring it out when they deserve a reward,” he says, “We all know how sneaky kids can be, but with a console safe, it doesn’t matter if they try to grab it when you’re not looking. They can’t get in. The same goes for prescription medications — you certainly don’t want your kids or pets getting into those.” Individuals’ individual needs and lifestyle will dictate how they use their Console Vault. However, no matter what they keep in it, they can be sure it won’t be stolen. Gun safes mean safe cars and peace of mind.

The Vehicle Safe for 2024

Whether parked at a bustling city center or exploring the great outdoors, individuals remain safeguarded against theft by keeping all of their valuables and personal belongings under lock and key. They’ll not only deter thieves from making off with their prized possessions but also prevent vehicle theft. When a criminal takes the time to bust into their car, they might just decide to hotwire it as well. The in-vehicle safes provide security even while allowing quick access for owners. Console Vault lockboxes have received positive product reviews.

Remember, a vehicle’s protection is individuals’ protection. “Don’t take chances,” Bonvissuto says.


Published By: Aize Perez

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