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Chef Chris Piro Turns the Page

Chris Piro
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Chris Piro is not afraid of controversy. He embraces it and uses it as fuel for his creativity. Chris Piro, a former chef, worked in some of the best restaurants in the world, Koks, Boka, and Staplehouse. Piro, who is deeply reflective, built a fine dining pop-up experience that was an opportunity for the exposition of his cathartic narrative. Extremely exclusive, the ‘Again.’ pop-up experience would sell out faster than most prominent restaurants. Piro cooked before evolving his art to music. On Spotify, the world knows him as Petty Poser, and today we sit down to discover more about the chef-turned-musician.

Tell me about the name, Petty Poser. Why is that your name?

Chris Piro: [He laughs] A poser was the worst thing you could call someone back when I was skateboarding. To me, it’s a nod to what motivates me.

What motivates you?

Piro: Proving people wrong, showing people that I can do something beautiful in this world. I loved the art of cooking, the excitement of creation that someone like me can surprise another person with flavors and presentations. When I left the kitchen, I wanted to continue to prove others wrong.

Why did you leave cooking behind?

Piro: I didn’t leave cooking. I just grew up. I loved what I did, but that doesn’t mean I have to do it forever. People still call me Chef, and it is humbling to hear it because of the number of hours I poured into my craft.

Why is art and the creative so important to you?

Piro: Using the creative is such an experience. It is an opportunity for anyone of any culture or background to hear or see your art and truly experience it. Creative avenues allow us to connect in ways that make it impossible without them.

Is this why you created the Again Foundation?

Piro: Oh yeah, Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote, “All the truly living, at least once, are born again.” To me, this foundation gives other foster kids a second chance. At the Again Foundation, we are working on using creative writing, physical form art & music to help provide an outlet and opportunity for those looking to find their voice. This life is so precious and fragile that we need to have more people willing to nurture than be selfish.

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