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Chef and Influencer Joey Maggiore is revolutionizing Italian Food

Travel enthusiasts are always on the lookout for several things when exploring new cities and countries. The beautiful monuments, sightseeing places, culture, but most importantly, the food. Every country has its distinct cuisine and taste palette. Travelers and foodies love to explore what different countries have to offer. For instance, Asia is all about spices and keeping it hot, while European countries are quite subtle in their food choices and focus more on flavors. Many people have said that America has a bland food culture, but all it takes is a walk through the city to find some of the most delicious places to eat. There are some amazing, inexpensive restaurants in Chicago that offer just as much flavor and authenticity as you would expect from a restaurant in New York or Paris. With many options to choose from, visitors can indulge in any type of cuisine they like.

There are, however, some cuisines that are enjoyed widely all over the world. For instance, Indian, Italian and Chinese. Italian is the simplest of cuisines where only a few ingredients can work wonders if fused well. Joey Maggiore is one chef who has mastered various cuisines and is now revolutionizing Italian cuisine. 

Joey Maggiore is the executive chef, concept king, and entrepreneur behind ‘The Maggiore Group’ – an Italian American family-owned company. He originally learned and developed his talent in the kitchen alongside his father, culinary legend Tomaso Maggiore. 

Tomaso’s Italian restaurant was established in 1977 in Phoenix, Arizona. It was during this time that Joey developed an interest in the culinary career and eventually led the growth of his family business after his father’s death. Tomaso was a larger-than-life chef, making him Joey’s biggest inspiration. All he wants is to keep his passion for food and Italian heritage alive. Joey is often found traveling, learning to bring fantastic food and culture to his brands. 

Chef Joey works with his wife, Cristina Maggiore, and together, they have conceptualized many successful brands in Phoenix – from fine Italian dining to creative brunch options. Their notable concepts are Hash Kitchen, The Sicilian Butcher, The Sicilian Baker, and The Mexicano. Hash Kitchen delivers chef-driven, re-imagined brunch for the social media-savvy generation with their lives revolving around hashtags. The Sicilian Butcher is a nationally recognized craft meatball and charcuterie bar that takes dining to the next level. The Sicilian Baker is an Italian-inspired Pasticceria and market with a made-to-order cannoli bar, gelato, and savory and sweet pastries, among other fresh Italian confectionaries. 

While their newest addition, The Mexicano, has experiential food, including a 3-foot quesadilla, and a colorful atmosphere, including a Latin DJ. Chef Joey’s creative touch on these concepts balances his father’s authentic Italian cuisine with innovative takes on all-time favorite dishes.

Early in his career, Joey thought he knew it all. Since he had been trained under a master chef, he believed he was the best and didn’t need to learn anything. However, soon, he realized that was a mistake. The process of learning never stops for any business, especially when it is culinary, because people want to try something new after a while. According to him, if you stop the process of learning, you can never become the best. 

Joey Maggiore has taken Italian food to the next level by constantly experimenting with recipes. Be it pizzas or pasta; everything is made in-house with lots of love, passion and creativity. With hand-rolled meatballs cooked daily, made-from-scratch spaghetti, and Sicilian-style charcuterie platters, the presentation is top-notch, and the taste is impeccable. Four things that have helped Joey’s business grow include; social media, exceptional quality food, creativity, and Italian hospitality. 

Joey is known as “the concept guy” in the food world, opening over 40 restaurants, making several TV appearances, and gaining national acclaim. His concepts have been featured and awarded in many publications, including Phoenix Magazine, Thrillist, USA Today, and Forbes. Joey’s TV features include Food Network, Travel Channel, FOX 10 News, ABC 15 News, NBC’s 12News, 3TV/Arizona’s Family, as well as his own show on Food Network: Family Style. He has even won a number of awards and accolades with Best Italian Restaurants in Phoenix, The Best Pasta Dishes of the US, Most Signature Dishes of Phoenix, and Buzzfeed’s Bring Me, amongst others, in the year 2022 only. 

With a successful business enterprise, Joey plans to open two new concepts in the near future; The Italiano, which will be Italian fine dining, and The Rosticceria, where guests can look forward to wood-fired meats with an Italian touch. If you are looking for authentic Italian cuisine, head straight to one of Joey Maggiore’s restaurants and experience fine Italian dining in a comfortable yet chic ambiance. 

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