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Unleashing the Power of Music, Culture, and Nature, Cedric McDougle’s Glamping Revolution

Unleashing the Power of Music, Culture, and Nature, Cedric McDougle's Glamping Revolution
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When one thinks of camping, images of leaky tents, bug-infested nights and minimalist outdoor survival often come to mind. But, there is a game-changer who is committed to turning these traditional perceptions upside down. Meet Cedric McDougle, a trailblazer in the world of music festivals and the mastermind behind the Summer Oasis Music Festival. His vision extends beyond the stereotypical music festival; McDougle delivers uniquely crafted musical experiences with a glamping twist, encapsulating the joys of nature, culture, and music in the idyllic setting of Idlewild, Michigan. 

Born out of a single concept, the Summer Oasis Music Festival was designed to curate experiences rather than just providing a product. Under McDougle’s inspired leadership, the festival evolved from a private tent party for family and friends into a celebrated annual event featuring A-list DJs and the tranquil atmosphere of Idlewild. His innovative approach is what sets Summer Oasis apart from other music festivals. At McDougle’s festivals, guests don’t just pay money, listen to live acts, and go home. Instead, they embark on a transformative journey that takes them beyond their paradigm, helping them fall in love with a new reality. 

Unleashing the Power of Music, Culture, and Nature, Cedric McDougle's Glamping Revolution

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McDougle believes that the key to success is growing into your divine purpose and doing what you love. According to him, purpose provides the clarity, focus, and direction needed to navigate life’s path. His advice to those aspiring for success is to conduct themselves in a manner others would be proud to follow. For McDougle, success is not defined by material possessions but by the ability to touch someone’s life through what you do and being of service to others. 

McDougle’s commitment to his divine purpose extends to his ambitious plans for the future. He aims to continue elevating the profile of Idlewild, a historically significant Black-owned campsite on a national scale. Beyond that, he envisions producing four music festivals a year – one for each season – each held at historically Black-owned campsites and waterfronts founded by former slaves and their descendants. This bold vision is not just about hosting music festivals, but more importantly, it is about revitalizing these historic sites and bringing new ideas, energies, and financial influx. 

The upcoming Summer Oasis Music Festival, scheduled for August 18th-20th, 2023, is not just an event, but the ultimate musical glamping weekend experience. It merges music and glamping for an upscale, fun-filled experience unlike any other. Attendees will not only enjoy immersive music and luxurious camping but also contribute to supporting and revitalizing a small, close-knit town full of whimsy and charm. 

Unleashing the Power of Music, Culture, and Nature, Cedric McDougle's Glamping Revolution

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It is this magic combination of music, community vibes, and glamping, fostered by McDougle’s visionary leadership, that has made the Summer Oasis Music Festival a truly unique experience. While most festivals present music as the main attraction, Summer Oasis emphasizes the experience that the audience embarks on. From creating a personal glamping site that reflects your creative side to sharing themed food and drinks with neighbors, the festival is a testament to community building and creativity. 

As the festival prepares to welcome its guests back after the lost summers of 2020 and 2021, there is an air of anticipation and excitement. McDougle encourages attendees to dig deep into their bag of tricks and bring their wow factor, as the festival promises to be a recharging, refreshing, and transformative experience. 

Those interested in experiencing this unique blend of music, nature, and culture, or wishing to learn more about McDougle’s mission, can connect with him via the Summer Oasis Music Festival website and social media channels. Through his innovative approach to music festivals, McDougle is not just changing perceptions about camping but also fostering cultural history, community growth, and a shared love for music and nature. 

Embodying his belief that success lies in touching lives through what you do and being of service to others, Cedric McDougle’s work with the Summer Oasis Music Festival does just that. It leaves a lasting impression on its attendees, touching their lives in a unique way and inspiring them to explore beyond their paradigms. McDougle’s approach to glamping and music festivals is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle and an experience that continues to enrich lives, one festival at a time. 

For more information, visit Summer Oasis Music Festival’s official website at, or email them at Follow SOMF on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( 

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