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Canned Cocktails are a Summer Staple, but their Alcohol-free Counterparts are Stealing the Spotlight

Summer days are ending, and the family barbeques and outdoor celebrations are starting to wrap up, so everyone’s regular back-to-school routine is almost here. However, while one enjoys all the summer celebrations with a cold beer or a favorite cocktail, the Fall season signals that it is time to shift back into everyday priorities; consuming an alcoholic beverage likely does not fit busy lifestyles – no one has time for hangovers!

Interestingly, as long weekends and Thanksgiving are coming up, there is plenty of room for a growing market of alcohol-free counterparts like AB0VE. These provide the satisfying flavor of one’s favorite refreshing cocktail that tastes great and allows consumers to enjoy themselves without worrying about the next event. 

Why are zero and low alcohol beverages becoming so popular?

These beverages’ emergence and consistent popularity in the summer over the last few years make much sense.

Alcohol combined with the sun and heat tends to make people sweat and head to the bathroom more often, which leads to a loss of fluids and can lead to a state of dehydration.

Avoiding dehydration at the moment is not top of mind when people want to enjoy themselves with friends and have fun. However, simply switching to non-alcoholic beverages that are refreshing and do not lack flavor means consumers are staying hydrated, enjoying their day, and having the added benefit of saving their liver some excess work later. So one may not get that buzz, but that also means they do not have to suffer through hangovers the next day either!

Combined with a healthier and more active lifestyle, this can lead to a more energizing and engaging time out with none of the recovery time commonly associated with alcohol consumption. However, it does not only have to be enjoyed as part of an overall health and wellness strategy; anyone can benefit from enjoying the correct type of non-alcoholic beverage.

Not all non-alcoholic beverages are made equal.

It is important to note that some zero-to-low alcohol beverages are better than others simply because they taste exactly like a cocktail would if made directly at some of the best bar establishments. AB0VE is one brand that focuses on taste and authenticity before anything else. As a result, their non-alcoholic beverages provide the authentic experience of drinking a high-quality refined cocktail without the effects of alcohol.

Whether their whiskey cola or gin and tonic, these beverages encapsulate the flavorings that come from the classic drinks themselves. It can be the traditional notes of cola with the hints of whiskey throughout or the flowery citrus notes that come from the tonic that help to establish these AB0VE beverages and others as an exact replacement and representation of the original.

That consistency of flavor helps to keep one drinking their favorite beverages without the side effects of alcohol and makes it the proper selection over other alternatives like traditional sodas. In addition, consumers can bring their AB0VE beverages to a get-together or event, knowing they will enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste and share their favorite flavor with their host.

In the end

The best way to know if AB0VE non-alcoholic beverages will be the right option for this Fall is to try them. Only then can people be convinced of the importance of flavoring above all else and not feel they are giving up something meaningful with their beverage. AB0VE drinks will always taste on point and will always be better served chilled or on ice to be sipped slowly like the traditional cocktails.

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