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Candid Sync: A Photography Marketplace Connecting Photographers to Prospective Clients for On-Demand Professional Photoshoots

In our highly digital age, photo and video content have become a powerful medium of storytelling that brings innovative ideas to life. However, like any experience, countless individuals and businesses still have to contend with traditional methods of reaching professional photographers for high-quality photo shoots. To make the process hassle-free and enjoyable for both creators and photographers, brilliant innovator and entrepreneur Ronnie Prassas developed Candid Sync, an amazing app that bridged the gap between creators and photographers while elevating their careers. 

Candid Sync is an app that revolutionizes the realm of photography and content creation as it catalyzes change and bridges the gap between photographers and prospective clients. The app uses a simple booking process that allows users, from influencers and models to travelers and businesses, to instantly connect with photographers for on-demand professional-quality photoshoots.

By using Candid Sync, anyone can immediately connect with available professional photographers based on their location, equipment, and rating. They can be booked for a quick photoshoot or scheduled ahead of time. In addition to offering individuals a chance to immortalize happy moments through pictures and videos, Candid Sync also proves to be a global platform for photographers as it ranks their services based on a three-tier system that encompasses photographer, professional photographer, and verified photographer. This system can help them earn more, build their portfolio and personal brand, increase their visibility and keep them a step ahead in a highly competitive industry. 

At the helm of this innovative app is Founder and CEO Ronnie Prassas, a brilliant visionary dedicated to impacting lives and bringing high-quality services to everyone. He has worked with many A-list celebrities as a traveling butler, making him a definitive authority when it comes to conducting content creation for business and personal matters. Through his career of working directly with top business leaders and influencers, Ronnie fully understands the struggle it takes to have a great photoshoot at a reasonable price. According to him, the entire process can be draining as it requires outrageous planning and logistics.

He also met some talented photographers eager to take great photos and build their brands. As someone caught in between, Ronnie conceived the idea to create a platform that grants easy and quick access to professional photographers. “I always thought about how awesome it would be to have access to professional photographs for my social media page. Asking strangers on the street, aside from the inevitable awkwardness hassle, always led to lackluster photos,” he shared. 

To bring his idea to life, the brilliant innovator developed Candid Sync to help photographers connect with people from all walks of life for an instant photoshoot, whether for social media, business, or memories. “It’s about time we connect all the photographers doing great work with everybody looking for professional-quality photoshoots, so we can all capture life’s special and priceless moments,” shared the firebrand entrepreneur.

In the coming years, Candid Sync aims to become a go-to app for photographers, influencers, individuals, and businesses, helping them immortalize moments, and promote their brand, unlike any other platform. “The future of connecting photographers and influencers has arrived,” the website says.

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