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Healthy Drink Seoul Juice Wins the Hearts of Parents and Kids

People are increasingly choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. Making healthy choices, however, may be more difficult than people think due to a lack of options on the market. Fortunately, Seoul Juice has already arrived and is taking over the Chicago marketplace. With so many sports drinks adding sugars and colors to their goods, Seoul Juice has also become a popular choice among athletes.

Seoul Juice is the first Korean Pear Juice that is as healthy as it is tasty and has been a top-selling product across the USA since its launch not so long ago. The Seoul Juice team is excited to announce its expansion into multiple Chicago area retailers, where people can now find them in all Pete’s Fresh Market locations, Fresh Farms locations, and Standard Market in Westmont. 

Because Chicago is one of the country’s major culinary capitals, Luis Manta rushed to get Seoul Juice goods into stores in the area as quickly as possible. The company has an excellent distribution partner in the region, Pod Foods, which has helped build its business. Jonathan Svigos, Fresh Farms Market’s Vice President of Store Operations, was instrumental in bringing Seoul Juice to the market. He noticed how well the product was performing in Southern California and advocated for its introduction in Chicago. Seoul Juice has become more accessible to potential customers thanks to the assistance of another buyer, Leno Asuncion, at Pete’s Fresh Market. 

Seoul Juice was founded and created by Luis Manta, a college athlete who realized a need for qualified health and natural drink solutions for other athletes. After that, he transitioned from athletics to entrepreneurship and has never looked back since.

Luis was born in Carol Stream, which gave him strong ties to the community. He liked visiting Chicago, which he considered a wonderful city with an incredible cultural and cuisine scene, which also played a part in his decision to bring Seoul Juice to the market. The drink was originally founded in St. Louis, where they have a sizable and dedicated following across the Midwest. With the help of their Chicago clients, they were able to set up distribution and get the product into local retailers.

What distinguishes Seoul Juice from other beverages on the market is that it has half the sugar of apple juice and twice the potassium of a banana. As a result, the drink has become a favorite of both children and parents. Many frequent customers refer to Seoul Juice as “healthy apple juice,” which makes sense, given that the Korean Pear is also known as the apple pear.

Seoul Juice is popular among parents since it has only three natural ingredients and tastes delicious. Many parents have expressed gratitude to Luis and his crew for inventing a clean product that helps address their children’s “picky eater concerns.”

Luis and his crew have many more fresh ideas for the next year that they hope will grow awareness about their product. Through the next few months, he hopes that the Seoul Juice will fall into the hands of those who will enjoy the drink from the first sip. That said, the team is extremely keen to get the product to market. With their current goal of having Seoul Juice in as many areas as possible, their main mission is to urge as many people as possible to try it.

Candid Sync: A Photography Marketplace Connecting Photographers to Prospective Clients for On-Demand Professional Photoshoots

In our highly digital age, photo and video content have become a powerful medium of storytelling that brings innovative ideas to life. However, like any experience, countless individuals and businesses still have to contend with traditional methods of reaching professional photographers for high-quality photo shoots. To make the process hassle-free and enjoyable for both creators and photographers, brilliant innovator and entrepreneur Ronnie Prassas developed Candid Sync, an amazing app that bridged the gap between creators and photographers while elevating their careers. 

Candid Sync is an app that revolutionizes the realm of photography and content creation as it catalyzes change and bridges the gap between photographers and prospective clients. The app uses a simple booking process that allows users, from influencers and models to travelers and businesses, to instantly connect with photographers for on-demand professional-quality photoshoots.

By using Candid Sync, anyone can immediately connect with available professional photographers based on their location, equipment, and rating. They can be booked for a quick photoshoot or scheduled ahead of time. In addition to offering individuals a chance to immortalize happy moments through pictures and videos, Candid Sync also proves to be a global platform for photographers as it ranks their services based on a three-tier system that encompasses photographer, professional photographer, and verified photographer. This system can help them earn more, build their portfolio and personal brand, increase their visibility and keep them a step ahead in a highly competitive industry. 

At the helm of this innovative app is Founder and CEO Ronnie Prassas, a brilliant visionary dedicated to impacting lives and bringing high-quality services to everyone. He has worked with many A-list celebrities as a traveling butler, making him a definitive authority when it comes to conducting content creation for business and personal matters. Through his career of working directly with top business leaders and influencers, Ronnie fully understands the struggle it takes to have a great photoshoot at a reasonable price. According to him, the entire process can be draining as it requires outrageous planning and logistics.

He also met some talented photographers eager to take great photos and build their brands. As someone caught in between, Ronnie conceived the idea to create a platform that grants easy and quick access to professional photographers. “I always thought about how awesome it would be to have access to professional photographs for my social media page. Asking strangers on the street, aside from the inevitable awkwardness hassle, always led to lackluster photos,” he shared. 

To bring his idea to life, the brilliant innovator developed Candid Sync to help photographers connect with people from all walks of life for an instant photoshoot, whether for social media, business, or memories. “It’s about time we connect all the photographers doing great work with everybody looking for professional-quality photoshoots, so we can all capture life’s special and priceless moments,” shared the firebrand entrepreneur.

In the coming years, Candid Sync aims to become a go-to app for photographers, influencers, individuals, and businesses, helping them immortalize moments, and promote their brand, unlike any other platform. “The future of connecting photographers and influencers has arrived,” the website says.

Kelly Lamoreaux on Utilizing the Beauty and Fitness Spaces to Inspire People to Pursue Success

For most people, looking their absolute best is paramount, whether it is a work requirement or simply something that can help boost their self-confidence. Yet despite its noble intentions, the beauty space is a double-edged sword that can quickly turn into an exploitative experience, especially at the hands of untrustworthy “professionals.” Cognizant of this, the esteemed Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux, DMD, has dedicated her practice to ensure that patients will receive exceptional care and top-notch services that will make them feel good about themselves and their bodies.

The respected expert is known for her impeccable and groundbreaking composite and porcelain veneer work. Dubbed the cosmetic dentist to the stars, she has countless A-list clients, including celebrities and athletes from the NFL and NBA. In fact, she has earned such great renown that people from all over the world travel just to set an appointment with her.

As a testament to her unrivaled expertise, her fellow dental professionals seek her guidance and mentorship to learn her innovative techniques. On top of that, the remarkable woman has been consistently voted by her colleagues and peers as the Top Colorado Dentist for five years in a row.

In addition, Dr. Kelly is also a fitness professional, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and pre and postnatal exercise specialist. Furthermore, she is a diastasis recti expert who has made waves for creating Abs After Babies, a trailblazing program known to heal ab separation or diastasis recti. “I teach women how to heal their bodies from this condition with my revolutionary program while avoiding surgery,” the entrepreneur shared. The solution has helped thousands of individuals heal their abs, especially postpartum women. Because of its impressive effects, Abs After Babies has been featured on the popular show The Doctors on FOX/CBS.

The outstanding woman proudly shared her well-deserved accomplishments and said, “My program is based on physical therapy techniques and was launched in 2017. My work with Diastasis recti created a movement of furthering awareness of this women’s health issue. I have been featured on several magazine covers. I have a new magazine cover and article coming out soon with the Fitness Magazine Muscle and Fitness Hers.”

Aside from being a medical practitioner, the beauty and fitness authority utilizes her profound knowledge in the field as an influencer. The mother-of-four posts various content through her social media platforms that help men and women improve their physical and mental health. She also generously shares her life story and experiences to uplift and encourage her followers that success is possible through hard work and perseverance. As a result, she has earned a massive combined following of more than one million on Instagram and TikTok

Dr. Kelly is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after professionals in the beauty space today. Moving forward, the incredible woman hopes to continue her advocacy of helping patients build their confidence, especially women and mothers. As such, she remains steadfast in her quest for innovation in the dental and fitness industries. But above all, the inspiring individual intends to use her influence to motivate, inspire, and encourage others to pursue their dreams.