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Business Expert Henry Ma Helps Over 3,000 Startups

The Great Resignation has given rise to a record number of start-up businesses. As more and more employees choose to pursue dreams of business ownership and becoming their own boss, many are turning to life long leaders for trusted business advice — leaders like Ricoma International CEO Henry Ma.

As a leader in the custom apparel industry, Ricoma offers expert training and support in everything from proper usage of their top-of-the-line embroidery machines and custom apparel equipment, as well as how to effectively start and grow a custom apparel business. As a result, Ma has positioned himself as a de facto success coach, teaching entrepreneurs the skills necessary to get their businesses up and running – all for free. 

Ma’s boundless enthusiasm and expert insight has turned him into a beloved personality on YouTube: dispensing advice, answering questions, and racking up millions views. 

“The first step to becoming an embroidery expert is to master your craft,” Ma says. “Whether you’re a beginner who has never touched a machine before, or you’re looking to enhance your embroidery skills, we’ve got you covered.” 

Ricoma offers nine unique educational resources to help custom apparel business owners master their craft and navigate the industry. 

One resource, “Embroidery Hub”, features over 160 YouTube videos detailing practical tips and tricks for embroiderers. Each video explains a different aspect of the embroidering process — from needles and stabilizers, to how to embroider specialty garments like sun hats and Converse shoes

Another resource, “Apparel Academy,” offers business owners expert business advice from Henry Ma himself. In each video, Ma addresses a wide range of topics, including how to price garments, expand your custom apparel business, get the most out of a razor thin budget. Ma says that it is essential to have a business plan before jumping into the intensely-competitive world of custom apparel. Academy students learn various tips and tricks to avoid pitfalls when starting their entrepreneurial journey. 

Other resources include hour-long webinars, cheat sheets, troubleshooting guides, and live Facebook Q&A sessions where Ma answers various questions about the custom apparel industry, and gives out prizes to lucky social media followers. Afterwards, viewers can gather in Ricoma’s Embroidery & Custom Apparel Mastery Facebook group which has grown to more than 30,000 crafters and business owners. 

“It’s important to network because I can’t get to every question, and many of the people in the groups have already experienced the same issues that people want to talk about,” Ma says. “What everyone has in common is that they are investing in their education, so there is more support than competition. We all want to win.”

Ma has also posted a repository of written articles and listicles on a variety of topics of interest to apparel entrepreneurs. Recent issues include “5 best machine embroidery accessories of all time” and “10 profitable niches in the embroidery business.”

Ricoma has grown into an industry leader with a global footprint, serving thousands of small business owners worldwide. “Our success is a direct result of all of our thousands of entrepreneurs,” he says. “They give me my energy; the blogs and videos are my way of giving back.”

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