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Black-Owned Company ThykSkynn Aims to Amplify Peace Through Bulletproof Clothing

Cases of gun violence have been rising exponentially over the past decade, especially among the members of the black community. The human rights issue drove and inspired fashion designer Michael Allen to build ThykSkynn, a black-owned clothing brand that merges fashion and bulletproof protective gear.

ThykSkynn is the first of its kind in the country to merge intricate clothing styles with bulletproof materials. The company upholds a mission to spread peaceful protection around the world, emphasizing that a vest does not promote violence but rather raises awareness of the need for protection. The apparel brand seeks to protect the energy, mentality, spirituality, and physicality of its wearers.

ThykSkynn is the CEO’s initiative to contribute and make a difference in the lives of individuals across the country. With the number of innocent people losing their lives every day to gun violence, the founder has heard enough. Determined to give innocent people a way to protect themselves while incorporating fashionable styles peacefully, the company became a life-changing armor, readily available for anyone.

Currently located in Atlanta, GA, the brand has served many with its innovative products. Besides clothing, ThykSkynn also carries a line of bags designed to match diverse ages and personalities. 

Each ThykSkynn design is made with lightweight level IIIA kevlar material that stops anything from a 44 magnum handgun and anything below that caliber. The vests are fashion-forward, with designs carefully crafted for both men and women, and they can be worn in more ways than one. The company also offers custom-fit vests to ensure comfort and wearability for its clients. Each vest is individually hand-stitched by some of the most talented young designers in Atlanta, further generating jobs and opportunities in its community.

Asked what motivated him to create ThykSkynn, the CEO shared that he was tired of seeing innocent people of color being killed without reason. “I saw a need for a way that my people could feel like they have a second chance at life. I saw a vision of an innocent man or woman being ‘mistakenly’ shot by an officer and instead of the office being the only side of the story told, the victim would now be able to speak on their behalf in court,” said Michael. “That is my motivation,” he added.

Additionally, Michael proved his determination to set an example in the fashion industry by persevering in learning how to sew to make his vision come to life. With his creative freedom, unique style, and skills, the CEO was able to create innovative styles in show periods of time. ThykSkynn is truly reimagining what fashion can do to keep people safe and how it can challenge industry standards to go beyond style and take a more humane approach in creating apparel.

In five years, the CEO wants to reach more people across the country. “I see ThykSkynn being more than a bulletproof company but a lifestyle and a symbol that reflects true peace of the mind, body, and spirit,” said Michael. ThykSkynn is leading the industry to incorporate bulletproof materials more into fashion and shape a safer world for everyone from all walks of life.

To learn more about ThykSkynn and their game-changing clothing, visit their website.

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