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Bernie Ashman – Illuminating Lives Through Astrology for Over 30 Years

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By Bernie Ashman

For over three decades, Bernie Ashman has been a guiding light in the kingdom of Astrology. He has offered philosophical insights to individuals and businesses alike during his tenure with a clear mission to provide people with a deeper understanding of their current and future experiences. In a recent interview, Bernie Ashman shared his expedition, the essence of his most recent book, and the wisdom rooted in his astrological services.

A Journey of Insight and Wisdom

With a vocation spanning more than 30 years, Bernie Ashman has coagulated his position as a trusted astrological consultant. His pledge to expand people’s awareness has been steadfast. Through his astrological services, Bernie intends to empower individuals with the knowledge to direct their life paths with confidence and clarity.

Bernie’s most recent fictitious offering, Sun Sign Karma: Resolving Past Life Patterns with Astrology, stands as a witness to his dedication to enlightening the depths of astrological wisdom. This unique book, available on Amazon, guides readers in detecting past life patterns and transforming that energy into positive, creative directions. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Astrology enthusiast, Bernie’s book promises something of value for everyone. 

Navigating Astrological Phenomena

Bernie Ashman’s range extends beyond books to practical guides for handling astrological phenomena. His book, How to Survive Mercury Retrograde, furnishes readers with the knowledge to traverse retrograde cycles effectively. Bernie not only counsels on avoiding negative tendencies during these periods but also accentuates seizing the opportunities presented by retrograde planets. The book extends guidance on making informed choices in relationships, communication, and business matters during retrograde cycles.

The Intersection of Astrology and Psychology

Bernie’s visions probe into the psychological dimensions of Astrology. His book, originally released as Astrological Games People Play and now published as a second edition titled Astrology, Psychology, and Transformation, explores the interplay between Astrology and Psychology. Through engaging games and explanations, Bernie helps readers understand why certain behaviors relate to each zodiac sign. It’s a convincing read for those intrigued by the intersection of Psychology and Astrology. 

Unlocking the Magic of Relationships

Issued as Signmates and now available in its second edition as The Magic of Signmates: An Astrological Guide to Romantic Love, Bernie’s work in this area is priceless. This user-friendly guide permits readers to quickly gain insights into their relationships by comparing the Sun signs of each partner. It offers innovative perspectives to steer clear of potential problems and sustain the harmony and love both partners desire.

Intuition and Astrology Unveiled

 In his book, Your Sun Sign Intuition: The Magical and Creative Sky Within, Bernie Ashman discovers the intersection of Astrology, sun signs, and intuitive development. This practical guide presents an approachable way to tap into one’s intuitive potential and integrate astrological guidance into everyday life. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Bernie’s book offers a unique path to developing intuitive gifts. 

A Pioneering Publication on Progressions and Transits

Originally printed in 1994 and now in its 3rd publication, Roadmap to Your Future: Progressions and Transits is a wide-ranging discussion of aspects formed by transits and progressions. Released by the American Federation of Astrologers, Bernie’s work is greeted as a complete reference for both practicing astrologers and students.

Innovative Software: The Earth Mandala

Beyond the written word, Bernie Ashman has made strides in the realm of astrological software. His creation, The Earth Mandala, released by Cosmic Patterns, stands as a tribute to his commitment to advancing astrological tools. This software offers a unique perspective on challenges in the present and future, providing users with a valuable resource for astrological insights.

A Collaborative Exploration: Civilization Under Attack

Bernie has also engaged in affiliated projects, such as Civilization Under Attack, a collaboration with fellow authors reflecting on the events of September 11, 2001. This collaborative effort offers a unique astrological perspective on a significant moment in modern history.

Closing Thoughts on Bernie Ashman’s Astrological Offerings

 In conclusion, Bernie Ashman’s contributions to Astrology are both vast and profound. From insightful books on past life patterns and retrograde cycles to the intersection of astrology and Psychology, Bernie’s work has touched the lives of many. His commitment to empowering individuals through astrology is not only evident in his writings but also in the innovative software he has brought to the astrological community. Bernie Ashman’s legacy is one of illumination, guiding individuals on their journeys with wisdom drawn from the stars.

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