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Ark Power Technology (APT) Names Chris Song as New Chief Operating Officer (COO)

As part of its plans to bolster its workforce and advance its operational processes, Ark Power Technology (APT) has announced its new chief operating officer Chris Song who will resume duties immediately. The astute operational expert will lead the company’s research and development team and oversee the day-to-day operations in the United States.

Ark Power Technology (APT) is a global corporation at the center of advanced battery technology. The company has its main advanced R&D center at the campus of the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Its units work with different research teams globally to advance component technologies for advanced battery technology. With multiple global patents, its cutting-edge battery technology is one of the most vaunted in the technology space. One of its leading developments is the ARK anode technology, which is a Li-metal anode with a coating layer of Molybdenum DiSulfide (MoS2). This technology combines molybdenum with sulfur to achieve the goal of eliminating or reducing the growth of dendrites on the Li-metals. APT developed this technology because dendrite growth leads to lower energy densities and risk of fires. It has also made this revolutionary innovation a gamechanger in the industry as it works towards more notable innovations.

With Chris Song resuming as the company’s new COO, he looks forward to continuing the current innovative works in the Li-S battery technology and bring to life important developments in the battery technology world. ARK Cathode Technology is another of such innovations that radically increased the energy density and capacity of most batteries, including Li-S batteries. It therefore reduced the effect of “polysulfide shuttling” in the Li-S battery technology. “This is cancer if you will, and we have a very special solution we can help scale this and share with the world,” Chris Song said. “The performance of our proposed Li-S battery technology has been demonstrated to have the specific energy density of above 500 KW/kg over 1,000 cycles of charge and discharge in coin cell format. These results were published and shared with the world in a peer-reviewed well known journal, Nature Nanotechnology, 2018,” he added.

Chris Song’s plan is to continue to steer the company in a direction that enables it to create batteries with lighter and more powerful configurations for different applications in the near future. “Everything we have planned will come to life while we source the materials within the USA. I see massive savings on material costs for made in the USA products. That means more jobs, no more costly imports and energy products with two to three times more energy density at 1/3 to ½ of the weight while being bendable and flexible,” he said. “The world operates on Lithium Ion, which has caused many fires and has its laundry list of reasons why it can be better and at Ark Power Technology, we hope to make battery technology better and safer.”

Over the next few years, Chris Song hopes to see APT become a leading global innovator in advanced battery technology. He also has the vision to put together a team with the technical expertise to change the world with revolutionary technology.

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