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ArieCan Productions Offers Talents a Platform to Shine and Flourish in Baltimore

Attaining stardom is no longer difficult, thanks to the proliferation of the internet. The power to rise to the top is now up for grabs, and it has become easier than ever to get noticed by notable platforms. Larry Harris and Leonard Martin took things into their hands to establish a production company called ArieCan Productions to help talents grow, thrive, and achieve success.

The Baltimore-based entertainment executives set out to launch a company fully in charge of the type of content it releases and how it achieves that. Knowing that their goal was to create entertaining and exciting content, Larry Harris and Leonard Martin got to work immediately and produced their first web series titled Chapter 2. Taking the company’s destiny into their hands was their way of setting the tone for how they wanted the company to be. With Chapter 2’s success, they have created many other series available on their website for streaming.

ArieCan has implemented a revenue model to make it a highly rewarding company worthy of building a budding career.. The company does not stop at discovering new talents and giving them a shot; it also ensures they are well-compensated thanks to its various subscription models and other revenue-generating features on the platform. Giving back to the city of Baltimore is Larry and Leonard’s top priority, and all of ArieCan Productions’ plans are centered around that. “Our goal is to make ArieCan a household name and to build doors of opportunity for our community. Baltimore is filled with so many talented people, and we want to showcase that,” Larry Harris said.

The production outfit has a vast catalog of original and diverse content that it hopes will appeal to a wide range of people worldwide. Audiences globally can stream and rent content as they wish. The website also sells VIP passes to give users full access to ArieCan Productions’ content library. To make sure that future productions have all the talent they need to be successful and interesting, ArieCan Productions organizes in-house casting calls to discover and evaluate new talents seeking opportunities in the film world.

In the next few years, Larry and Leonard see ArieCan Productions competing favorably with big-name film studios. They hope to produce high-budget films and television shows as well as create high-quality merchandise for its teeming audience globally. The ArieCan Productions platform gives equal opportunities to everyone and makes sure everyone is fairly represented regardless of color, tribe, race, and sexual orientation. The company recently announced its upcoming productions for 2022, and leading the pack are two new shows, Secrets (a drama) and Dear Diary (a comedy), slated to premiere in February 2022.To learn more about ArieCan Productions, check their official website or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.

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