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Antonio Pelayo: Finding Home in His Art

Art comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. It is often associated with how it conveys a message and evokes emotions. Empathy is essential to art. There is no greater feeling for artists than having others feel what they are feeling through their pieces of work. Antonio Pelayo has emerged from the artists’ kingdom to showcase his talent through exceptional pieces of art figures and animations. In this modern world, the demand for these kinds of art is rapidly growing. 

Born in a comfortable home situated in an American suburb where picket fences and laughing neighbors sharing their homemade lemonades are rampant in sight, Antonio found it hard to leave the neighborhood after his father sent him back to Mexico. In Mexico, it was a village filled with all things opposite. Antonio found himself lost in the sights of old broken adobe churches while breathing the air of suburbia. For him, it was a completely different experience. Antonio had to deal with these changes for him to adapt gradually. He had to deal with bullies, the overwhelming need to speak and learn Spanish for him to be understood, and hard-to-attain tranquility.

Since it was challenging for Antonio to fill the void inside of him with companionship, he turned to embrace the beauty of solitude. Being alone in the dark and sneaking into village churches has found him a new hobby. It was the time when he found an outlet and a release for all the things he has been keeping inside, and it was the same time he spent hours sketching while loving every second of it.

Once Antonio discovered his potential, he started seeking the sterling works of different Mexican artists. Artists like Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, and Orozco became his friends and mentors; all rolled into one. When these relationships kept Antonio going, he took advantage of them. He decided to master everything while his social circle is growing. Antonio learned Spanish and continued igniting his passion. 

When his family decided to move back to Glendale, Antonio realized a change of heart. It was no longer the home Antonio spent years longing for. As much as Antonio wanted to relieve the feeling and excitement, it did not work for him. Antonio realized that he found a new home, not the one with four corners and a floor, but the one composed of pencils and other mediums. Antonio now considers his art as his home. It is through his art that he feels secure and not lonely, even in solace. Antonio believes in a self-made quote that says, “For the artist, solitude is the only true home.”

In 1994, Antonio joined Disney Studio’s Illustrious Ink and Paint Department. This opportunity molded him into becoming a master of animation art. Years passed, Antonio developed a longing to be noticed. He wants to share his talent with the world. Antonio no longer wants to live in solace and keep the beauty of his creations all to himself. All through these years, he learned how to let go of his selfishness. It might have taken him long to come up with such a realization, but now, Antonio is ready. 

Being the only artist to master his type of art, Antonio has set the bars high. He desires to inspire people through his pieces of art. Antonio wants these people to find a home in their art, just like he did. 

To know more about Antonio Pelayo, you may visit his official website.

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