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Anthony Jerdine Leads Company to Achieve Financial Goals through Investment Strategies

The financial industry is changing rapidly with innovations and technologies that help individuals and businesses maximize their stake in their market structure and remain viable for as long as possible. In addition, the health, education, entertainment, and real estate sectors could all benefit from this innovation. Fortunately, there are experts like Anthony Jerdine, who have been at the forefront of driving innovation to multiple private and publicly owned businesses across multiple sectors for nearly three decades. Now with Foundation Wealth Trust Group, a company he co-founded, he is helping his companies and those of his partners and associates achieve their financial, as well as structural goals.

Anthony Jerdine is a serial entrepreneur with over 27 years of experience in the real estate and financial industries. He has worked as a senior VP and CFO of a private equity real estate firm. He has designed, structured, and launched several private investment funds and consulted with some of the great minds in institutional investments, project management, construction, permanent financing, and manager selection.

“The only thing constant in life is change.”

Armed with the philosophy of constant evolution, Mr. Anthony Lewis Jerdine has been the chief architect behind the success of Foundation Wealth Capital LLC. His ability to be receptive to change and in the process discover and energize the Group has seen the company achieve defining success.

Mr. Jerdine’s visionary approach has taken his company to an international conglomerate.

He has extensive experience in large multi-family transactions, including structured finance and complex trusts, complex tax structures such as 1031 exchanges, and private placement memorandums. Anthony Jerdine is a financial expert by all standards, having earned his bachelor’s degree from Morehead State University before settling into a real estate investment, development, and financial services career. He has built a successful business for over 27 years.

Jerdine’s approach has been described as scientific and process-driven as he is known to invest in businesses and subsequently apply his wealth of experience in management and financial planning. The goal with any company Anthony Jerdine or Foundation Wealth Trust Group partners with is the expansion and intelligent financial decisions to achieve their financial goals and increase profitability.

Anthony expressed, “The Greek philosopher Epictetus once said, ‘Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else.’ Freedom is the ability to live the life you want the way you want.”

During his career, Anthony Jerdine has worked with global banking elite, entertainers, professional athletes, international business leaders, heads of state, and countless genuinely remarkable people, while sharing in the financial dreams of all his professional associations and private clients to the tune of over 900 million dollars in deal participations. And in addition to his role as co-founder at Foundation Wealth Trust Group, Jerdine currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Foundation Wealth Trust Group Inc family of companies and part of the Global Financial Consortium, based in Miami, USA, and in Dubai, a highly recognized privately held financial services monetization company. He is also the Chairman of the Board for United Global Group, Inc. globally acclaimed technology-based solutions provider based in Vail, Colorado.

While the goal remains to help companies make smarter financial decisions, Jerdine’s personal goal includes creating a more inclusive business space that allows every company the opportunity to compete and most of all maximize their potentials and profitability, regardless of size, structure, or industry. Learn more about Anthony Jerdine or to learn more about the activities of the Foundation Wealth Trust Group, follow Mr. Jerdine on Twitter.

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